POST: 'Toast' - a familial bond was starting to evolve

What's it about?

More than just a story, it's about the bond that has been created among the workers of a bakery.

What'd I experience?

 A couple of chairs beside a table, a sink, a big clock, an old telephone by the wall, two doors that held a sign “Please help keep canteen clean” and flour scattered all over. The first word that hit me was bread. It’s been a while since I remember seeing anything in relation to bread making. But oh, I liked it. I was quickly taken back to my childhood memories of the smell of the fresh bread I used to have with a cup of coffee. Ahhhh… warm and straight out of the oven.

Blakey, the manager, enters. He seemed to fit his position well, a man who got straight to the point. Unashamed of anything that he said or did, I mean he often scratched his privates. The fact that his work included making bread made that part kind of disturbing to watch. Seriously dude?

Then along comes... 
Colin, someone who I thought kind of mimicked Blakey’s position. At one point, I actually believed he wanted to take him out.
Cecil, a man that seems to be missing his wife’s company in bed tries to fulfill his emptiness by making the others laugh and also going after their privates at the least expected moments.
Peter, a critical thinker, who likes to engage in smart talk and meaningful conversations.
Nellie, the oldest and longest worker of the bakery, rarely engages others outside of bread making. I compared him to a sloth… to eat, to smoke he moved so slowly, and that was just who he was. 
Dezzie, enters in entire hurry, trying to rid himself of the helmet on his head. He is the youngest of the bakers fascinated by his new life with his girlfriend and new house which he barely has an idea of where it is at.
Last but not least, Lance, a “student” enters in confused stage of whether he was at the right place to cover a shift. Honestly speaking, he seemed more than weird to me. He looked too grown to still be a college student, and when he spoke it was like he was actually naïve, other times he used some words I don’t even know the meaning of. I ended up being the confused one, trying to find out who he actually was and what his purpose was.

To break the dullness of their long shifts, their conversations -whether about a particular type of fish, the way in which one was going to propose to his girl, how long the other had been working there for or how much expertise did they have- were all stories. To me, it seemed like a familial bond was starting to evolve through the passing time. And this was proven to exist when they realized that Nellie had suddenly disappeared -in the blink of an eye- they were on their way to the main oven to get him out. It was an example of not only consideration but of the care that they are wiling to provide for one another.

It was interesting to realize that this was an all-male cast. As much as I may have wanted a woman to appear at first, I was okay with the fact that it was only men. It was like getting the answer to the question "What do men do when they are in their comfort zone?" It was actually very interesting to know, in this particular case. 

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