POST: 'The Way West' - when I hear the word bankruptcy...

This image is of the production of  The Way West . 

This image is of the production of The Way West

What's it about?

The play focuses on the lives of a mother and her two daughters who declare bankruptcy.

What'd I experience?

It’s pretty sad but when I hear the word “bankruptcy” I automatically think of one of my favorite singers, Toni Braxton. I also think of the hardships that people go through but I think of Toni more. It’s just that she was a celebrity who declared bankruptcy twice. She had it all, and the media portrayed her story as if she ran through all her money purposely when that wasn't the case. Oh well, she’s back to being rich again anyway.

I knew that this play was going to be funny because as soon as it started the mother (who was called “mom” the entire time) was telling a story about how westerners are better than everybody else. She said they knew how to cope with conflict, starvation, death, and almost any situation better than anyone else. That was hilarious because it was clearly a lie to me. I mean, since westerners are so great, why are you about to declare bankruptcy ma’am. BLOOP! #HowAboutThat

I’m a bigger fan of the east coast. I mean, we actually really do know how to deal with almost anything. Seriously, if we could put up with mother nature flip flopping every day I think nothing else could break us, especially New Yorkers (cough, cough).

Mom and her daughter Meesh dealt with bankruptcy in a way that is very different from the average person. Instead of learning how to better manage their finances, they were spending more money that they didn't have. Moms oldest daughter Manda was the one who found out that they were doing all of this spending. Manda was completely over it, as she should be. She really wanted to help and get mom on track to a better future but every time she tried mom or Meesh would do something counterproductive.

Meesh, literally, committed identity theft. She stole her mother’s identity and brought thousands of dollars’ worth of products to resell online. How could she be so inconsiderate? I actually couldn't even be mad at Meesh because mom was just lying around acting as if she didn't care. It was Manda who was infuriated.

The entire play mom was just lounging around being so nonchalant at the fact that she was BROKE!

I know that money isn’t everything and happiness is truly what we yearn for…

No, in all seriousness, I believe we desire a good balance of both money and happiness. It seemed like mom didn't care about money but had a notion that she would eventually get out of this situation just by believing in the fact that she was a westerner. Having faith isn’t enough.

Even somewhere in the bible it says something to the effect of God helps those who helps themselves (right?). It was clearly apparent that mom wanted to wake up one morning and magically be financially stable again.

Throughout the play I felt the running theme of “faith not being enough” and realized that you must not only have faith but put forward the work to get the outcome that you desire.

Just think about it, if you work hard maybe one day we could all be like Beyonce!

Maybe not everybody...

Maybe just me!


Want to see it?

$40 tickets

The Way West
Labyrinth Theater Co.
@ Bank St. Theater
thru Apr. 10