POST: 'The Total Bent' - he just needed someone to believe in him

What's it about?

A young man going head-to-head with his father to live out his dreams.

What'd I experience?

It’s always fun to go to The Public Theatre to me. I don’t know exactly what it is that triggers my excitement but I just love it there. Maybe it’s how big the entrance is, or how cool it is to have multiple theatres in this one place, or maybe it’s the architecture! I think that’s it. Ever since I was in elementary school I've had a thing for architecture. I love looking at big buildings and love how someone could use a small space and make a beautiful building as well. The front of The Public Theatre looks so grand and spectacular, it always makes me feel like I’m walking into an exclusive event or whatnot.

The play started with a spotlight on an elderly man named Joe Roy singing. His voice was so rich, and full. He was singing about how white people aren’t God and how they don’t have authority over African-Americans. I knew right there and then that this play was based in like the early 1900's when segregation and racism were going strong.

When he finished singing, the lights came on and a producer/songwriter appeared near the studios soundboard and started directing Joe. The producer/songwriter turned out to be his son, Marty Roy. Marty was a talented songwriter who basically wrote all of his father’s songs.

Everybody in town knew that Marty was an amazing songwriter but not everybody knew that Marty wanted to start singing himself. When he told his father that he wanted to be in front of the mic instead of behind, his father didn’t like the idea. He liked Marty being behind the scenes, he liked the fame and it almost looked like he didn’t really believe in his own child. I mean, what a dad? Even if you don’t necessarily believe in what your child wants to do, I believe you should at least support them with encouragement if nothing else. Joe was so opposed to Marty singing, it was so disappointing.

After Marty wrote a song for himself he took to the mic and tried to sing. He was a nervous wreck and I could see it all over his face. He didn’t even sing! Every time he would attempt to sing he was so nervous that he would freeze up like he was a character from Frozen or something.

It was clear that Marty didn’t even believe in himself. It was also clear that he needed someone to believe in him as a singer so that he could have the confidence to sing. It’s one thing to have others believe in you but when you don’t believe in yourself that’s an entirely different situation in itself.

Marty kept working on gaining his confidence to sing on the mic. He would continuously still freeze up. But all that changed when he met this British producer, Byron Blackwell. Byron told Marty how eccentric, creative, and basically perfect he was. He gave Marty the confidence he needed.

Marty started singing and dancing like no other. He was now a star! Everybody was requesting him to sing at their shows. He was unstoppable and there was nothing that his father could do to dim Marty's light.

It was so good to see him be all he could be. You never know where your encouragement could come from. Sometimes we all just need that extra push and extra person to believe in us. It might not necessarily come from the person that we want it to but through it all it would come if it’s meant to be. Whatever’s meant to be will eventually be.

Want to see it?

:( Sorry, this show is no longer showing