POST: 'The School for Scandal' - scandal was certainly in the air

What's it about?

Maria and Charles live happily ever after but word on the street is that this man was not even going to live to see that life. Rumor's has it? This was just too much trash talking for my stomach to take. Scandal was certainly in the air and it could not get any more juicer than this.

What'd I experience?

The Lucille Lortel Theater. The set gave off a  calm feeling with the very life-like sound of birds chirping. At first, I was not very thrilled about English accents which were distracting me from hearing the dialogue. I eventually got used to it and caught the jist of everything that was going on. The characters from The School of Scandal were very colorful, especially their attire. The style was the same as I've seen in other 1700's-1800's things, they just had enough color to match up with a bag of Skittles. The only words that I could find to describe, dazzling.

The characters were introduced to us by Professor Snake a mischievous scoundrel who did not say much during the play but represented the story in a physical form (hopefully that makes sense). There was a snake on the playbill, I'm speaking about that deeper meaning. All the characters came off as untrustworthy to me, except Charles Surfaced, who’s name was being defiled throughout the whole first half. These people gossiped like there was no tomorrow. I was rooting for Charles Surfaced, who I found entertaining even with him being quiet. His appearance was riddled with a rebellious aura, I loved it. He only appeared once when they introduced him, he posed then disappeared. Then, he raised hell when he came in the second act. Oh - Charles Surfaced was the brother of Joseph Surfaced and they both wanted this one girl Maria. 

When someone spoke of Charles, they basically described a drunk who had hit rock bottom and disgraced his family name with his wild ways. Maria did not love Joseph, she loved Charles. There were also the two characters of Sir Peter Teazel and Lady Teazel who had a very entertaining relationship. Peter was old, I’m talking 60’s, and he was just looking to have a wife for the last few years of his life so who better than the young, fun, witty, gold-digging fire ball that is Lady Teazel. She squeezed the money out of Peter and in return she gave him satisfying intercourse. 

The two did not get along at all. She ended up disagree and undermining everything that came out of this man’s mouth. This was truly entertaining to watch for me. They bickered like there was no tomorrow and the cherry on top was witnessing old man Peters frustration because I know what that is like. 

The first half was nice but the second half was when things got exciting. I finally got to see Charles in action and the man was just as funny as I thought he would be. In the second act the long awaited uncle of Joseph and Charles, Sir Oliver, arrived and decided to disguise himself in order to see if the rumors about Charles are true.

He also figured why not test out the loyalty of Joseph. Seems like Charles and Joseph don’t get to see their uncle very often because all he really did was change his clothes. Sir Oliver found out that Charles was careless and sold all of his family portraits except the one of his uncle Sir Oliver. Charles admired his uncle and could not put a price on that portrait. Sir Oliver also found out that Joseph does not appreciate his uncle and spoke badly about him. After Sir Oliver had unveiled himself to Joseph and left his home Joseph received a visit from Lady Teazel who had been having an affair with Joseph and was there to cut things off… I think. Joseph was then visited by Peter Teazel and had to hide Lady Teazel behind a screen. Joseph was in a panic. HA!

This was exciting. I didn’t want him to get caught so I was at the edge of my seat with a great big smile bracing myself. Peter was suspicious that Lady Teazel had been cheating on him with another man. Peter brought up Charles as a suspect and then Joseph defends his brother for the first time. Saying that his brother could not perform such a deceiving act. Speaking of the devil, Charles had also came by to visit Joseph and Joseph then went to hid away Peter in a huge chest so Joseph can prove to Peter that Charles is innocent. Joseph was all over the place. I could see the sweat on that man’s face, and I was laughing up a storm.

 Joseph had yet another guest at the door and had to leave Peter and Charles alone. Peter couldn’t hold on to the secret of the French maid behind the screen so he told Charles. Right when Joseph was coming in, Charles went to take down the screen and reveal the french maid. THE LOOK ON PETERS FACE WAS PRICELESS!!! This was my favorite part. SMH it was beautiful. Charles left Lady Teazel, Joseph, and Peter with a great big smile on his face. Comical harmony is just as beautiful as musical harmony, what a treat.

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