POST: 'The Hundred We Are' - life was playing in a vicious loop

What's it about?

Three women and a shadow play house. 

What'd Christine experience?

I really didn’t think the setting for this show would make any sense when I first walked in. The name of the theatre itself should have been an indicator - The Cell - because compared to other theatre it honestly looked like one. To me it seemed like a loft that someone randomly decided to make some experimental type theatre in, which is why I think I was into the intimate vibe, in the end. It’s by far the barest stage I’ve been to date, excluding the Go-Pro camera located at the corner of the room with massive video projections of the audience.

The best way I could explain The Hundred We Are was a combination of HER & Big Brother. The story itself was carried on my four women; young, middle aged, old, and a shadow that spoke for the older women for most of the show. Right as it started it felt like it was all taking place in some weird dystopian future. I don’t know about what generally comes to people’s minds when they think of the future, but I often see it as a bare world ruled by technology so advanced there is no longer a need for emotions or memories. The Hundred We Are was almost exactly that. I’m still not sure if all the women were suppose to be one person, even with them speaking about and with each other as if they were one unit, but I think that mystery adds to the creepy feeling I was left with in the end.

An entire day in the life of these women (or woman) is played out, except there is nothing average about it since it immediately feels like these women are being held captive. Truthfully the first comparison my brain decided to make was the entire sequence of Spy Kids (3?), when Carmen and her brother who’s name I don’t know get stuck in a video game world, except this woman's life are much more depressing. Anyway, the women do some weird grooming on the youngest, teaching her about being the perfect housewife. She was my favourite character, since most of the time she could care less about pleasing anyone of being ‘obedient’ which reminded me a lot of my own generation. After their futile attempt at teaching the youngest girl they continued their little scene and soon it got freakin’ weird. The older women raped the middle aged women? I know the older women was suppose to be her ‘husband’ in their little game, but it was so weird seeing such a graphic act played out by a sweet looking old lady. If anything creepier than an old man.  

As their day continues the middle aged women tells the others that she has been called out to make an appearance at a dentistry conference, because all of a sudden she was a dentist. Cool. So, she takes along the older women leaving behind the youngest, who now seems like the saddest character as she tried to not care about being excluded from the plans. It was depressing to see her day continue all on her own, because it just proved to me how little we can really know about someone’s mental state. Having my own experience with that world of issue a lot of the youngest behavior reminded me of emotions I’ve have to deal with. Pretending to be fine for the sake of proving people wrong or just contradicting. She tried so much to convince the other women she was fine on her own, so much she began to try an convince herself but when the time came things got ugly.

Once the women return they tell the youngest about the conference and how wonderful it had gone. All the claps and praise they’d gotten. Accept when the audience is shown the conference their story just doesn’t match up. Nerves get to the middle aged women, and after a porn video goes of at the start of the presentation she quickly runs off stage. It was funny seeing her try to paint a picture of a perfectly executed presentation when in end she just gave up and confessed to what really happened. That’s another time it felt like they were all just one person, because anyone can lie to someone else but it's pretty pointless to lie to yourself.

This story really left me all mixed up in the head. So much happens in such a short amount of time that was eerily similar to things I’ve seen in real life. I almost wanted to disconnect for a second when something was said that triggered a darker memory, but all the same listen just to see what feeling it again would be like. It felt like these woman’s life was playing in a vicious loop that she was re introduced to everyday, the dark part was I feel like everyday she knew it was coming and was just waiting for that one day that she would have courage enough to let it go. It felt like I could have easily been a version of that women at some point in my past - hopefully now I could be the after.

Want to see it?

$12 (thru TDF Membership)

The Hundred We Are
Origin Theatre
@ The Cell
thru Apr. 8