POST: 'The God Projekt' - when I think of god, I see...

What's it about?

When God struggles with old age and the past decisions he has made, Who does he turn too? 

What'd I experience?

The moment where you have to tell your wonderful girlfriend you can't hang out because you have go watch a play.... this is not going to turn out well for me. I was completely oblivious to the fact that I had to watch a play today, therefore I'm going to take this time to do a special shout out (Heyyyy babe I know you're reading this, I'll make it up to you!!). Ok enough of that, back to business.

The God Projekt, the name was the first thing that caught my attention. I'm a very religious person, so I'm going to try to keep an open mind, because I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of harsh jokes.  

What do you do when someone is constantly staring at you on the train?? Do you stare back? Or do you ignore it? Well I'm not backing down. This scary guy has been staring at me for 3 stops now and I decided to stare back. I almost missed my stop trying to prove my masculinity to a complete stranger.  

As I'm waiting for the play to start I decided to do something romantic, why not invite my girlfriend to watch the play with me? This would get me out of trouble right... (you're a genius Arturo) So I texted her to come, I've never seen anybody come so fast. The God Projekt was going to be her first show ever, and to be part of that made me feel really joyful.

When I think of God there isn't a specific image that comes to my head, is it a woman? Is it a man? Tall? Short? Black? White? I just don’t know. Well, after today's play... the image I saw wasn’t so pretty.  

God looked like a typical grumpy grandpa with dark shades, and was one step away from breaking his back and dying. But this old man wasn’t any regular person, he was God almighty. He could do anything. Make water change to wine! Cure any type of diseases! Create life! Right? Well, I was wrong. This was not the same God I read about in the bible. This God just wanted to be left alone.  

As God was sitting in his office, talking to himself, a multitude of calls come in asking for his help. The calls were a symbol of the prayers people were making, Of course God is going to answer them! Right? Well, wrong - they went straight to voicemail. This better have not happened to me when I was praying to do well on my midterm!

God just kept talking and talking about how he created Adam, and how he is his true son. But what about Jesus?? By the looks of it God did not get along with Jesus, I found this extremely weird but funny. The amount of jokes God did about Jesus were so ridiculous that I wanted to leave the room, they were good but they were below the belt. I did say I was going to keep an open mind! I think I'm doing well. 

I love when there is a twist in a play, if you guys don’t want to know skip this paragraph... 
but if you do please keep reading. What if I said God used to have a wife? That sounds crazy right, well imagine hearing that while watching this play. How is that possible that God had a wife? Well he did and a great part of this play was dedicated to explain that story of how God met his wife. While watching the play I was thinking God just married another Goddess. I don’t know my Greek mythology so I couldn't  name which Goddess he married. But as I was walking home I realized the woman God was speaking about, the one who he fell in love with was Mother Nature. At the time, even though the symbols were right in front of me, they weren't clear. The way she used to take care of the flowers and trees as God describes was heavenly, the love people gave her was something never seen. God couldn’t handle being with a woman that everyone desired, he was jealous. That jealousy led to him making the greatest mistake of his life, and he killed his wife.  

Towards the end of the play there was a shift in my head, I stopped seeing God on stage, and I started to see a really sad old man who is battling his inner demons and can't find it in his heart to actually forgive himself. 

I told my girlfriend this as I was taking her home, and the face she gave me was priceless. I usually keep my opinions to myself when I go watch shows because I'm alone when I see them, but this one was different. I actually had someone to speak too. Instead of having a staring contest with a complete  stranger now I can with my girlfriend.  

Want to see it?

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The God Projekt
La Mama
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