POST: 'The Father' - he thought he was at war with his wife

What's it about?

A father caught between his manhood and love. And the two dissipate overtime because of a power struggle to be on top, within his marital relationship and from the concerns of rearing his daughter.

What'd I experience?

I left 30 mins after work to get to the theater. The day was nice and work was light. Perfect day to be entertained. The Polonsky Shakespeare Theater was in the heart of downtown Brooklyn near BAM. It was so close to where I went to high school, however, it did not exist three year ago when I was in high school - at least not to my knowledge. The area brought back many fond memories and I was delighted to be somewhere I knew.

I walked into the theater just in time to be seated in the front row next to the entrance. A hour and forty five minutes echoed in my ears as I sat down.  Seated so close the stage reminded me of being in a smaller theater, closer to the action, so I was ready to play my part as an audience member. I've always been curious about the play A Doll's House, so seeing something created in response/opposition to it made it a wow for me. I did not know what to expect.

The father in the play actually believed he was in a war against his wife - I guess when there is a power struggle, this happens. And this is what I saw happening between the two. Between manipulation and control, who will rule? I was fascinated from beginning to end with this war that the father thought for sure he was in.

As it turns out, the father dies from a stoke. That was really sad because the daughter relied on her father, but then again he almost killed her. I thought a lot about that daughter - was she really the father's child? There were many messages within the dialogue and body language/gestures that said she might not be. And that was the driving conflict - how can a man be certain that a child is his? And the truth of the matter, at the time of this play, was that he couldn't. The mother can because she pushed the child out, but the father only has the mother's word.

From this, I was hoping to see that love was intertwined in it all. But it all led to the father being driven insane while the wife developed this wicked witch persona. When the wife broke into the drawer that kept her husband's most prized items - my only thought was that this piece of information would allow her to see how much her husband loves her and her daughter. Unfortunately, she learned nothing and kept up with her scheme which led to his melt down. 

Men in our society are expected to be a certain way (masculine) however, these stereotypical roles and barriers, thank God, are being broken. Tradition and expectation of men seem to be pretty similar everywhere, men tend to show less emotions (maybe due to the fear of being considered a female or woman). Our language and societal norms have set women to be lesser than men, favoring one over the other. 

Life is full of questions and moments for doubt; but if we can cherish and hold on to what we have, without placing a value or a price to that thing or person then hopefully we can surmount such things.

Want to see it?

:( This show is not currently showing