POST: 'The DingDong' - two couples and their affairs

What's it about?

Set in 1930's Paris, two couples and their wild affairs. With each having their own lovers, all are soon caught up in a web of lies. 

What'd I experience?

I arrived just on time, but unfortunately there was a wait of about 15 minutes before the show actually started. During that wait I felt as though I was in a sea of elderly people.  It felt as though all eyes were on me, as if they have not seen a young person at a show. Like, come on people, just because I am young and alone seeing a show doesn't mean that I am here for anything but pure enjoyment, just like you.

The program did not say much except that it centered around married couples who happened to have their own affairs without the other one knowing until it all comes crumbling down in a web of lies. This play was outside the typical genres I tend to see.  

The first couple, who very much love one another, cannot seem to wrap their heads around the fact that the other is having an affair. They assume that the other is perfect, as if! Now I am not saying that I condone cheating on one's spouse, but no couple is ever perfect. The second couple are the friends of the first couple, supposedly. All of whom are cheating on one another with each other and than some, ewww! Ironically the cast of four played multiple people at once and never missed a beat. The sexual comments here and there were confusing at times but it was clear that the sea of elderly people knew exactly what they were hinting at, ewww! The two couples each having their own lover and spouse, was as if 2 is better than one. There was elderly humor all night long.

The wife from the first couple could not fathom her husband having an affair until her own secret admirer (husband of couple # 2) told her himself with evidence to prove it. The wife of couple #2 suspected all along her husband was cheating, but not with his friends wife, so she wanted revenge. After coming to a conclusion that their husbands were unfaithful, the wives decided to make a pact and stick together. Nothing is stronger than women power, yay!! Soon the day came for the wife from couple #1 to find out if her husband is up to no good according to her lover. After getting the whereabouts of her husband, she barges into the hotel room and stumbles upon her husband half naked (underwear and white tank) with an Italian mistress! He was shocked, she was shocked, and her lover was shocked, who also tagged along for the ride. 

All she ever thought about her husband being faithful and loyal was just a front. As for the second couple, the wife supposedly arranged a rendezvous with a known "player" on the phone out loud where her husband could easily hear. He was furious and determined to find out who was sleeping with his wife. Like come on man, if you are cheating why can't she cheat. Just because she is a woman  does not mean she is not entitled to what a man can freely and willing do. The nerve! Within this cat and mouse game, the comments and jokes being thrown out there had me in tears, but not as much as the elderly. It was funny! 

A man is not what every woman's prince charming is. They change in terms of appearance, personality, behavior, and more. In my mind I believe there are little to few men left in the world that can have the entire package. The truth about relationships was definitely in this play, which I will take into account when I try to find my prince charming! Ha!

Want to see it?

Sorry, this show is no longer showing.