POST: Basement plays: 'Pants and Skirts' & 'Elsinore or Bust' - you can be both

Pants and Skirts

What's it about?

An elderly lady was attacked by pants and skirts in slightly different manners but usually she just ended up throwing them out after stabbing them.

What'd I experience?

It was honestly a little weird. Weird because there were flying pants and skirts trying to attack an older woman. And a little boring because they really didn't attack in different ways. It became predictable and we knew the pants and skirts were going to keep on attacking her. It made me feel tired, I already had a long day. 

My favorite part, though, was the end… lol not because it was over but because of the message that I took from the show.

It also made me think of what was their reasoning for putting pants before skirts in their show title. Patriarchy or nah? It could be for a lot of reasons, honestly. But part of me is curious as to why Pants resembling the male, is chosen to be first on the title of the play. Is the title of the play itself trying to show a message?

The elderly lady got a ring on her door. Guess what? another package on the floor. Surprise! *sarcasm* Guess what was in the box? None other than pants and a skirt. Except this time she takes the skirt and puts it on then raises it past her waist up to the tops of her breasts. Her skirt has now became a dress. She then proceeds to take the pants and acts as if she were going to put them on her legs. Instead, she puts them through her arms and wears the pants as a shawl. That moment was beautiful and inspiring.

You don’t have to be either/or. You can be both. Life does not give you limits, society does. She did not have to choose between pants or skirts. Neither did she have to choose gender roles which was what the pants and skirts represented to me. It could go the same for a multiethnic person. We do not need to fit into any boxes. We can create our own circle and fit into it perfectly. My 2 boxes personally are gender.

I don't have a gender crisis. Whatever gender is because it actually is a social construct. I just find myself playing in both the blue and pink playground. As a child, my closest friends were my brother and now to be ex boyfriend. We fought, went to monster truck shows, played sports, and did other things society would deem as unlady-like but I did not care. Even as I got older I still played in the blue playground a bit, I have short hair, I longboard, I pay for my own meals, etc. I am not pink or blue, I am purple. 💜

You can do things differently. She wore her skirt as a dress and her pants as a shawl. Sometimes we become too constructed with ideologies and social norms that we forget that we can be different and still be perfectly fine.

Elsinore or Bust

What's it about?

One of the castle workers daughters is in love with the Prince. After actors tell the story of the King's murder, she runs away to Italy to make some clown friends. 

What'd I experience?

The elderly lady came back on stage. This time in an Elsa-like blue dress. She put on blue reading glasses and spoke into the mic, changing characters. She was a narrator. When the glasses were off she was a girl who lived in a castle. The castle was shown for us through blue pieces of tape on the floor. It was pretty hilarious.

The girl was in love with the Prince who never really seemed to show her any attention but of course she fluttered all over him and stood in awe. It reminded me of how girls today always take something for more than the face value like “OMGGG Jeremy asked me for a pencil. That means he wants to marry me!!” lololol. I used to do this when I was younger. But now I don't even care about guys. I mean I care about my boyfriend but thats it lol.

There was also clown players who came to perform for the castle. They performed a true story of the death of a king that was murdered…. Sound familiar? ;) it was cute and fun to watch, the clowns made me laugh and even almost took a piece out of the donut I was eating. The 2nd part made me happier and although i was tired the clowns lifted my mood.


Want to see it?

$9 tickets (OffOff@9)
$18 tickets

The Basement Plays
TBG Theatre
thru Jan. 31