POST: 'The Art of Circus' - these people have some cajones

What’s it about?

It’s a bunch of super cool acrobatic performances inspired by art.

What was my experience?

I was tired. Like, really tired. I had just finished work, and had to dilly dally for 2 hours before the show started, so I was NOT having this show business. Why in the heck did I pick a show a day I’m working? Lame. But, as I’m walking over I start to wake up. I’m going to a friggin circus show! I love circus shows! So I get out of my crummy mood and make my way to the Y. Not really sure why there was a performance here, but I went with it. I’m picking up my ticket and I automatically feel special. I was expecting it to be general admission like everyone else’s but NO. I got the PREMIUM ticket which includes early entry. Ooh la la! Don’t mind if I do!

I hear “Patrick and Stacey!” and I immediately run over. I am the FIRST person in the theater and can choose any seat I want. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! I went straight to the front row, right by the action. I even chose the RESERVED seat hehe.

Just when I feel like I can’t feel any more special, I read the playbill and see that the show is only performed for 5 days! More YAS! I am in such a super good mood that I start to dance to myself.

I’m in my own little world bobbing along, when I hear loud children RIGHT behind me. NOOOOOOOOOOO. I had specifically chosen my seat so I could avoid the ONE family that was there. Of course, they had to be behind me. They had to. They just had to. Uggggggghh. Anyone who knows me knows I am not fond of children. ESPECIALLY in this setting. I could only imagine how they would behave during the show. Before I can dwell further, a man comes to the front of the stage and investigates a painting that is covered. He uncovers it and reveals “The Scream” by Edvard Munch.

Then proceeds to take a selfie with it. Like, alright. I mean, that’s cool and all but like why? Weird way to open the show.

The show finally opens with a static trapeze performance and I immediately think man, these people have some cajones. There’s a guy holding a girl mid-air and she has NO SUPPORT from the ribbons. I mean, wow. Kudos. The selfie guy comes out again and I get the sense he’s the “jester” of the show. The children behind me realize this and cackle at literally everything he does. High pitched, annoying squeals every five seconds. Here we go.

It seems like every circus show I've been too has an exaggerated klutz. I hoped this show would be different. No dice. It’s like why is it that someone so clearly PRETENDING to be clumsy and dumb, is funny to people? I will never know. I sit there baffled and annoyed. He attempts to demonstrate skill by stacking building blocks horizontally between his two hands. Everyone is mesmerized by him. I’m over here like, really? It is so clear that the blocks have some sort of magnet inside them to keep them together. There’s no way gravity would allow such a task without a magnet involved. *Nerd moment* 

It is very clear that each acrobatic act is inspired by a work of art. The performers were dressed similar to the art and all of their movements were synced to music. That music was ON POINT. It was a full on orchestra that even had an OBOE player. You know it’s gonna be good when they got an oboe player. I was particularly amused by a ballet painting interpretation. There are two girls fighting for one guy. The guy chooses one while the other is ignored. Then another guy comes in and dances with the same girl. The unchosen girl stands in the corner awkwardly and slowly and silently exits which was HILARIOUS. But that’s not all! Then, the second guy goes off with this girl and now the first guy is rejected. The rejected girl comes back and takes his arm like UH UH whoa whoa whoa. Dahell is this? Girl please.

I’m bothered, but only temporarily as the show ends with what is probably their coolest act. A guy blows a big bubble, then PUTS IT OVER HIS HEAD. Like he has a balloon for a head and is dancing around all ridiculous. I can’t stop laughing at this balloon head. Somehow, he gets his upper body into the balloon and then gets devoured by the balloon! I know this is artsy and all but what is going on here? The guy is rolling around in the ball and suddenly pops his head out like he was just born from the balloon. He starts bouncing around and at this point, I am dead. Just dead. I’m like alright this is some sort of elastic balloon. But then he pops the balloon! And I’m confused again. Dahell is this balloon made of? I don’t even care because that was so damn entertaining.

I am back in a good mood and remember why I love circus. Peeps got serious skillz! I left knowing I CANNOT and I will NOT be joining a circus ever. I do not have the physical strength, flexibility, or trust in others for that. Nope. Nooooooo. I’ll leave that to the professionals.

Want to see it?

:( Sorry. This show is not currently showing.