POST: 'That Physics Show!' - seeing/doing is a completely different experience

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What's it about?

That Physics Show is a family friendly show that brings forth the notion that science is fun and exciting. Through the use of experiments, David Maiullo teaches boys, girls, women, and men the wonders of Physics and how our world is magical all on its own.

What'd I experience?

When I was young, science used to be my favorite subject. This was back when the hardest thing I was learning in class was that H20 is water. Back then I thought science was magical and a whole lot of fun.

 As I grew up, the sciences got far more difficult and far less magical. In a weird way the things I was learning during biology and chemistry didn’t even seem real, everything was far too abstract for me to really appreciate.

My junior year of high school I was finally introduced to physics. And I did horrifically (no surprise there). I just couldn’t be bothered by the things we were learning, like, when will I ever care what time a ball will be hitting the ground if I were to throw it off the roof of this building?

When I heard of this show, I was excited nonetheless. Yeah sure I didn’t like learning about physics in a classroom but strictly learning vs. seeing/doing is a completely different experience. I wanted my sense of wonder to be revitalized. And it was.

It was a very odd experience since I was almost exclusively surrounded by little children. A family of 6 on the right of me, a family of 4 on the left of me, a mother and son in front of me, and 4 little boys in the back of me. This precarious situation was a tad bit bittersweet since I don’t really like kids but I really like acting like one.

I loved how Maiullo used the correct terminology for everything he was teaching us but simplified the experiments and the explanations so that both the parents and the children would be having an educational/fun time. Maiullo also threw in some quick witted current event references, like Donald Trump, to keep us older audience members laughing.

There was fire, explosions, destruction, liquid nitrogen, and a whole bunch of other stuff that kept me interested. I found myself oo-ing and ah-ing with the children and I found myself actually relearning a lot about physics during that short hour and 30 minute presentation.

What I especially loved was how Maiullo explained the physics behind the experiments with so much passion and devotion. The things that were taught and showed to us almost seemed like magic.

During one part Maiullo brought up two audience members to help him with a trick. He was to lay down on a bed of nails and then have another bed of nails laid down on top of him so he’s like a bed of nails sandwich. Then the two audience members were to stand on top of the man. It was unreal. If that’s not some Harry Potter Hocus Pocus Gandalf the Great business then I don’t know what would be.

Physics and just science in general, even the more abstract concepts, are all fantastic in their own ways. It just took seeing a man lay down on a bed of nails for me to realize it. 

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