POST: 'That Golden Girls Show' - a classic sitcom with the characters as puppets

What's it about?

So, here’s a little background. The Golden Girls used to be a classic sitcom with four old women who live together and basically just sassed one another. Here’s a breakdown of the characters:

Sophia: Dorothy’s mother. Think an unfiltered grandma

Dorothy: The daughter of Sophia. She’s your typical cynical realist. A pessimist if you will.

Blanche: The best way to describe her? The superficial, slutty one. She’s all about her looks and being the hottest thing since sliced bread.

Rose: You either love her or hate her. She’s your innocent and very naïve character. She’s called the stupid one countless times.

Now that you’re pretty much caught up, let’s talk about this show.

What'd I experience?

I’m not going to lie. I was SUPER excited. They were taking a classic sitcom I grew up with, turning the characters into puppets, and making it as raunchy as possible.

The show opened with the opening theme from the sitcom, which I know by heart (of course). I think that’s why it was one of my favorite parts. The audience began singing and clapping along. I even joined it, and it felt like we were this one big family, feeling the nostalgia of a show we once knew. It was pretty cool. 

And let me tell you, I was laughing. The actors definitely weren’t afraid to “go there” in so many ways. The first thing that had me dying of laughter was the actor that played Dorothy being a man. I always thought her voice was insanely deep anyways, so seeing that made me feel like they read my mind (hats off to you!). That and the actor that played her was very attractive, which made it kinda hard to focus on the puppet vs. his face. Haha. Then, there were these very explicit sexual references, from Blanch’s vibrator going off to the porno noises that came out of their tv. I don’t remember the show being that ZAZZZZZY. #adultsonly

For being a comedy though, I found myself getting lost in thought. I suddenly began feeling more serious than I was expecting because half way through, I was trying to understand why these women were they way they were. When you break it down, it gets pretty depression. Let me tell you.

Dorothy: She has a cheating ex-husband, Stan, who tries to get back with her multiple times, promising he’s changed. Time and time again, Dorothy falls into his tricks, only to be let down all over again. Like Stan reminisces with Dorothy and tells her to marry him, since "he has changed" and recently come into a ton of money ($400,00 to be exact) to "take care of her". Like yeah....okay (mmmhmmm), but man, this scene just broke my heart. After saying no, she later talks to him and hesitantly admits that she was still in love with him. I saw how much courage and struggle it took for her to say those three words. Putting your heart on the line and not knowing the outcome is scary, but she did it. She says she'll marry him, believing that he's FINALLY changed, something he's always wanted, but that hasn't stopped him from cheating. Cue heartbreak as Dorothy learns that he is still chasing after other women, and her friends nonetheless. Talk about a major burn, and they wonder why she's so cynical. I totally get her because I've been in situations like that, where you build up all this courage and put your heart on the line only to be let down. For her, it's worse because she's built up only to be knocked down. She continues to have faith in people, and I could see it was eating her alive. It makes you cynical after a while, and I started to see that she wasn't this grumpy, cynical old fart just 'cause. She was that way because it was the only way she knew to protect her heart, and boo boo you deserve better than that. #treatyoself

Blanche: She is your superficial queen who is so self-centered that she believes that she still has her looks. Sorry babe. Those faded a long time ago. Your twenties look is now a sixties look, and that's okay boo boo. Accept it, so we can all move on. Okay. Maybe that was harsh, but those words would simply fall on deaf ears since she doesn't hear anything that doesn't correlate with her beliefs anyways. All she would hear is, "oh baby. you look like you're in your early twenties and have the most YOUTHFUL face i've ever seeeeeeeeennnn." ( I just said that in my head as her high pitched southern voice. Freaky....) She's so insecure about her looks that she ends up getting some REALLY TERRIBLE plastic surgery, and at one point, her boobs pop like balloons. Hehe. It's still funny just thinking about it, but I digress. Towards the end of the show, I really started thinking about why she's so over the top and why the opinions of others, especially males mattered. Like who cares what anyone thinks but you? I realized that it was because she didn't love herself. She didn't feel loved. She believed that her value was in the hands of countless others, and THAT'S why time and time again, no matter how ridiculous she got, they understood. #friendshipgoals 

Rose: Rosey. Rosey. Rosey. In the beginning, I was like man she's the coolest. She's silly and energetic just like me. She's the best, but I spoke too soon. As the show went on, I began getting annoyed of her, just like I did when I used to watch the show. She kept going ON AND ON about these stupid circus stories, like WHO THE HELL CARES? She reminded me of those people you meet that try to be funny and will go as far as acting stupid or doing stupid things to get a cheap laugh. Think of those clowns that hit themselves just to get a laugh. THAT'S who she reminds me of. I was just over her pretty early, but what if she was just trapped in a childlike mindset? Like that's her solace? Who am I to judge, especially when she has this childlike wonder that I feel is slowly fading away? #badmona 

Sophia: The ultimate MVP. I fell in LOVE with her the second she came on stage. Not only was her character POPPIN' in the sitcom, but she was also POPPIN' in the performance. I taken back to the days of watching Sophia's shenanigans, and man did I miss them. From her waddling to her overly high, unapologetic sass level, she was a good time. #shecandefinitelysitwithus. At times, I wondered why she'd have this over the top fits of anger. It felt excessive, but it's because she cared (ohhh!). She may have been Dorothy's mom, but she acted like a mother to all of the girls. She was helping them grow as people even at their age. Like when they all wanted to marry Stan, the lying, cheating, unbelievably stupid ex-husband. She got mad because she felt like she raised them better than that. Because they had no self-respect for themselves. She saw their worth, and it broke her heart to see how little they saw. She even would make sure to advise the girls, but only after a bit of sass. Haha. My all time favorite though? When she fakes a stroke to get out of a tight spot. #talkaboutinnovative #shejustgetsme #somethingdumbiwoulddo

Walking out of the theater, I couldn't help but think that at the end of the day: they were all of us.  

Want to see it?

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That Golden Girls Show
DR2 Theatre
thru Dec. 11