POST: 'Terms of Endearment' - God Dammit, Molly Ringwald! You made me feel emotions.

What's it about?

Mum doesn’t have to like you in order to love you.

What'd I experience?

God Dammit, Molly Ringwald! You made me feel emotions.

Well, as much as I can naturally manifest emotions - which in this case was heavily tearing up. Beside being extremely weirded out by nearly crying in public, I went through some emotional realness with this story.

I’m gonna be using a lot of Kristen Wiig’s Surprise Lady imagery, because it’s by far the most accurate description of my internal freakout over my homegirl Molly.

First stage: ‘excitement stage’, so... Molly-freaking-Ringwald.

Breathing the same air as Molly was incredible. I’m pretty sure it tasted sweeter, but I might be biased. Anyway, she’s perfect in every way and I had no clue she did stage stuff (plays and things). When her and her red hair walked on stage with that pale pink silk robe….I’ve never wanted so badly to be a 45 year old women before in my life.

Second stage: I've officially been "shook" (just learned what this was 2 weeks ago).

This isn’t Sixteen Candles - Molly is a mommy now. Weird part? She’s basically my mother. My mum shares a lot of similarities and very few differences with Aurora (Molly’s character). For example: She is her daughter’s best-friend, she’s a gossip, she’s a classy chick, and a borderline psycho- I'm kidding. Everyone’s mum is a little crazy….right? Please say yes.

Well Aurora had me the minute she said,“Ugh! Fetuses!” A woman after my own heart.

Story is she’s a single mother -husband passed in a tragic death- and she is basically done with mommy duties since her only daughter, Emma, is getting married. She’s 18... I’m so glad people get married later nowadays. So, Emma being gone takes a bit of a toll on Aurora since that was essentially her other half. When Em moves away, they have these scheduled phone calls that happen with zero planning. As someone in a mother-daughter relationship I can vouch for this being a real thing. Somehow even when things aren’t agreed upon with my mum they still magically happen. I guess it could be that sixth sense people say women have, but regardless, it’s real. I was so amazed on how accurate Aurora and Emma’s relationship was - at least for me. It’s unstable one minute and then within the next second it regains its stability. I have no clue what actually happens between mums and daughters, but there is this pull to always be close to mum, she’s always the exception. I know I am personally quite uncomfortable with outward affection, but get my mum near me and I’ll hug the sh*t out of the chick.

Just, like, some of the nice things in life that happen and some of the darkest things are battled, alongside mum. I’ve always thought there was something beautiful in the mist of darkness. I know battling my own demons have opened me to a world of beautiful things. I think having someone like my mother holding my hand through it makes it even more remarkable. That's why it might be a little morbid to hear out loud, but I’d rather die before my mum. The idea of bearing witness to her ceasing to exist is too confusing for me. I honestly don’t know what would become of me. I know outwardly I’d look fine, but inside I would be completely torn. Aurora and Emma’s story feels almost to personal to re-tell, so I won’t. I think there is something to be said about how powerful seeing real life on stage is - to feel the energy of their happiness as well as their profound pain.

So, apart from the amount of deepness that I have bestowed upon the world. An incredibly meaningless thing to the world happened to me at this show.

Molly Ringwald made eye contact with me.

Her brain probably doesn’t even register that moment as a memory, but she was not only 12 inches away from me - her eyes ever so slightly landed on me for half a quarter of a third of a second and I internally lost it.  

On top of that I have awarded myself with my very first theatre scout badge: Helping someone find the name of a show.

This lovely woman was asking an usher about a one woman show she saw in a small theatre owned by 59E59, it was two years ago...blah blah blah. The point is, I knew, and the usher who worked at 59E59 couldn’t figure it out. The second she started explaining the play, I was pretty much like “I know….pick me...please...”

I knew it was Sanctuary (which I saw almost a year ago) and once I had a chance I turned around and immediately blurted out “Are you talking about Sanctuary?”, and thankfully the women didn’t think I was a total creep since we started talking about how strange a show it had been. God, I love me some theatre regulars.

Want to see it?

$15 Student Rush

@ 59E59 Theaters
thru Dec. 11