POST: Summer Shorts, Series A - it all happened so fast

What's it about?

Three short plays, one show -what the hell, awesome!! Series A is "The Helpers", "After The Wedding" and finally "This Is How It Ends". Three mind boggling pieces with suspense, thrill and laughter.

What'd I experience?

On the day of the show, I went directly from work and, to kill some time before the play, I made a stop at Bryant Park where a Shakespeare play was happening. This I thought was really interesting. I briefly sat in the open air, entertained before going to see another play. 

It all happened so fast. I was first experiencing the comedy behind the sad, pathetic life of a retired psychologist who talks to her dead cat, a.k.a. lady grey. Her cat was the only one that she could really ever express herself holistically. So upon the passing of her husband, lady grey, who shared similar names with her famous tea, was brought back to life for consolation.

Next I was embarking on the journey of a devastated married couple, who on their wedding night encountered a car accident. A car with five teenagers, who deviated from colliding with their car, went right over the side of the road into a pond. This section had my mind spinning, the suspense that played. Well, before they revealed this traumatic event was awing and had some funny bits where they ranted about their relationship and it's functionalities.

And finally, it was the end of the world. What a thrill?!!! It felt surreal, almost like I was there in the scene. Which, by the way, started out with this guy and his roommate, whom he found on craigslist, watching a movie. This girl turned out to be the anti-Christ no joke, serious Shhhh happens when you get a friend/roommate from craigslist. But what in Heavens name - pestilence and war making love. What!! Death can die, cease. The Anti-Christ is there to actually redeem those who will live in paradise. Hmmm... Yea.  

An evening of theater. Left me wanting more and really intrigued by all the stories. Each different. Each had an impact on me. Short and sweet. 

Want to see it?