POST: 'Stupid F**king Bird' - when someone doesn't love you back

What's it about?

Mash is in love with Conrad who’s in love with Nina who’s in love with Conrad’s mother’s (Emma) boyfriend, a famous writer named Doyle. The play focuses on the dynamic of these relationships and the art of innovating theatre at the same time.

What'd I experience?

What do you do when someone you love doesn’t love you back? Try to kill yourself? Perhaps... that’s what Conrad did. First of all, I almost couldn’t keep up with the different love triangles throughout this play.

Everybody was in love with a person that didn’t want them. Every moment Conrad saw Nina he would look at her as if she was the last piece of cornbread on the thanksgiving table. I know exactly how he felt because I love cornbread!

Nina acknowledged the fact that Conrad loved her but she would never really give him the time of day because she had feelings for his mother, Emma’s boyfriend Doyle. That was real messy! Doyle was much older than Nina. I don’t discriminate and to each his own yes, but you rather be with someone who is in a totally different age bracket than you?

They are in like TOTALLY different age brackets. I’m talking about like Mary-Kate Olsen and her husband age brackets.

It really didn’t matter though because what really matters is that you’re happy with whom you love.

Conrad hated Doyle and wanted him out of his life. The thought that Doyle could potentially steal his dream girl was infuriating. In one scene Conrad caught Nina staring at Doyle with loving eyes and couldn’t take it. He wanted her so badly. He literally couldn’t face the idea of being without her so much that he shouted “I just want all of this to end!” I was like Seriously dude? Just find another Nina. It’s not like you both have major history. After being so dramatic, all the lights turned off, he ran to the back of the set, and we all heard “BOOM.” It was definitely a gun-shot. I was surprised like...

When the lights came back on Conrad was there with a huge bandage wrapped around his head looking like a fool. The fact that he failed at killing himself was unbelievable. Although we didn’t see him pull the trigger it felt so real. It felt as if he did it right in front of me. I was literally worried and scared.

I thought What a hot mess! Conrad really killed himself for love? What does Nina have that no other girl has? Am I missing something? Let me look around and see if anyone else feels the same because this is quite ridiculous.

When the lights came back on Conrad was there with a huge bandage wrapped around his head looking like a fool. The fact that he failed at killing himself was unbelievable. 

After Conrad recovered, his best friend Joe told the audience what happened to Nina. Nina and Doyle actually fell in love. Nina had a child with Doyle but unfortunately the baby died. It just showed me how as people we cannot stop our own lives to focus on others. Conrad’s life was about Nina. Nina was NEVER checking for him, so it was hard for me to see Conrad constantly persisting to make something work with Nina when there was nothing to begin with.

I just wanted to give him a shoulder to cry on and let him know it will be okay.

That's not a shoulder, more like a chest, but I know you get the point. :)

The craziest part was that Nina and Doyle broke up and Doyle ended up back with Emma again. I really thought I was watching Maury or Jerry Springer. All this flip flopping is too much!

It was eye-opening to see people fall in and out of love and deal with people who don’t even notice them. It made me realize that sometimes you just have to let go. I acknowledged that, everything is not always going to work out the way I want it to.

Want to see it?

Sorry, this show is no longer showing.