POST: 'Stuffed' - they started by speaking about food...

What'd I experience?

So, I didn’t get to attend this show the first time I was supposed to BUT I was able to past date my ticket - THANKS THEATER! 

So, I’m studying flash cards for my big Biology exam that I have the next day. I’m at the theater right after school, waiting outside and I shove my flashcards in my book bag before I head in. As always, before the show starts I skim through the playbill to get a tincy weency idea of what I’m about to watch.

I pick up that this play is about women and their figures. Ok. I think women are beautiful in every natural shape and size that they come in. But Lisa Lampanelli revealed some truth in this show that I wasn’t aware of.

Stacy was hosting a party with her three friends Katey, Lisa, and Britney. They started things by speaking about food that they have loved eating since they were kids. I didn't really know anything about Lisa Lampenelli... but, SHE IS FUNNY. I was like, she has to do stand up on the regular - turns out she does and she kills.

Anyways. I didn’t really have an appetite that day. But my mouth could not resist getting watery. They just mentioned the right things at the right time. They should definitely be sponsored by a couple food brands because dinner after this show was going to be unbelievable… or, so I thought.

There was such an unusual balance between the comedy stylings of Lisa Lampanelli and the issues that women face every day because society has set some sort of standard for their bodies. Britney was bulimic. Lisa had surgery to take away the fat. Katey couldn’t gain weight. And Stacey was proud to be the size that she was and her confidence was through the roof. Also, I never knew women hated jeans so much. 

They all talked about their history with the way they looked and some incredible points were hit that night that made me go up to a couple young women that I work with and say “I’m sorry for all you have to go through”. It is hard to live in the body of a women. Man, I would lose my mind. The insecurities. The delicacy. The maintenance. This is coming from a teenage boy that makes rap music... think about that one.

I try to stay healthy the best way I can in my life and I am still digesting (no pun intended) a gem that Stacey said that was something like no matter how skinny she was she did not like it because it felt like she was in another person's body. That line was bananas. Take care of yourself, because too much of anything can affect your health. Maintaining a balance in life is the best way to live, in my opinion. It really would’ve been great for this show to be performed for high schools and colleges around the country. This is a message that young women and men need to hear.

Want to see it?