Q: IS IT OKAY TO SocializE at the Theatre?

So I’m over here, going to the theatre alone every other week. I go to the theatre and I find myself around SOOOOOOO many different people. 

In my experience, here are the kind of people one might sit beside at the theatre - check it. 1.) Older guys 2.) Young folks (rare) (but, I've got a nice story on this one I’ll tell you later) 3.) Couples (young and old)...

4.) Chatty ladies 5.) Socially awkward individuals 6.) Gays …that’s my top 6. And it’s wonderful!!

Man, the old ones are cool. The young ones are not really approachable, at first, but they're cool later on once you get past that point. The couples put up this wall that you can’t get passed it without getting the stink eye from one of them. I like the chatty women, they're really entertaining most of the times. Some have stories, others have funny comments, and others ask “what are you doing here?” (not in an offensive way but like what brought you here, I think).

But... back to those rare young folks. There was this one show and there was this girl sitting in front of me.

Now, I believe... there are thousand pieces in the jigsaw of beautiful mistakes.
The debris of beauty flickers
In the sadness of a smile.
causing the perfection of your imperfection to show you true inner light.

Basically looks aren't everything.

But when I saw this one girl, she was all I was thinking about throughout the whole show and I made my move during intermission. She was the most beautiful woman I have seen this year. She was cool too. And, she gave me her Snapchat and well… 

New York City is full of all kinds of people, and I think it should be a crime to look past all of that throughout the day. The theatre is an even better reason to speak to someone. Everyone in that theatre is taking in this show in a different way, and that's amazing.

Now I know you're thinking "how the hell do I approach random people at the theater? I mean, treat it as if you would on social media... make a very enthusiastic approach and try to use the same expression you would if it was an emoji you were sending... lol.

Well here's a couple things I do:

  • I talk about the show
  • I compliment them
  • I ask them something I'm not sure about.
  • I talk about my commute, and ask about theirs.
  • I say hi as they are sitting.
  • I ask them what the play is about? (before the show)

But most important, be sure to introduce yourself. If they know your name and you knowing theirs, it is comforting to both. It'll make the conversation 10x better.

We're all human, don't ever fear your own kind. I always think - I'm probably never going to see that person ever again and they might just be the missing piece my life needs today. Life is a mystery, explore it. Talking to people is part of the theatre experience, if it wasn't our chairs wouldn't be so close. ;)