POST: Frigid Festival's 'So Amazing!' - a college girl joins a cult

What's it about?

So Amazing! is based on a true story, about a college girl who joins a cult. The brainwashing and traumatic events of the cult led her to  become an educator and advocate on the matter.

What'd I experience?

This play literally said: "make your "mess" your message". 

As I watched the piece I felt a warming towards Diana Brown, not just because the play was funny and an one-woman show. I was captivated by the light and the confidence she shared. I loved the fact that not only did she escape the cult, but she was able to use her experience to inform others. 

At the beginning of the play she posed two questions which she said would be answered throughout the play, 1) how does one join a cult? and 2) how does one escape? By the end I learned that many people join for the same reason, however, the escape is different for everyone. 

I don't know why, but this makes me think about my friends from high school and how we all started out similarly. We all had the same major and passion and our reasons were alike, in a sense. But, the intent we have determines our drive. Our intent is connected to our ability to reason and the play states it best understanding how to think critically for one's self. In the case of Diana Brown, she had to relearn how to do just that (think critically for her self) once she was reminded of who she was. She joined the cult in order to fit in and/or to find divine truth - but in that, she lost herself completely, losing her ability to critically think on her own.

The show was about 45 minutes but it was deep and rich. I laughed, however, between the lines I felt the trauma. I took the journey with her and in the end, experienced freedom.  

 I have never been through anything like that; so, for me, I connected to the fact that I am a college student who has come to a point in my life where I want to feel connected to something bigger than myself. And Diana shared similar notions, which led her to joining a cult. Sometimes we want to be apart of something and then we get caught up with whose already in it and how it has worked for that person, we begin to emulate that person which leads us to lose our own minds.

The show ended on a great note, Diana Brown freed herself. With help from her family members and mental professionals, a support system that helped saved her life. Being brainwashed is unimaginable and unfortunate, but it happens. So remember, master the skill of thinking critically, which I think might be the first step to understanding who one is.   


Want to see it?

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So Amazing!
Frigid Festival
@ Kraine Theater
thru Mar. 5