POST: 'Small Mouth Sounds' - a show that is mostly hand signals...

What's it about?

Six individuals enter a retreat in the woods and use silence to battle their internal demons. 

What'd I experience?

After spending the previous day at a music festival, I was pretty worn out, but the party never stops, so I slipped on my headphones and headed towards the show. 

The show opened with projections of the woods in the rain, accompanied by the sound of rain and thunder. If I'm being real, I got a bit scared. I flashed back to when I was a kid and scared of thunder. The thunder was so loud and shook the floor. I was not about that life. #hidingunderablanket 

I quickly came out from under the covers and noticed that I identified with each character as I got to meet, and get to know, each one. During the show, their names aren't mentioned, except for Ned's. Oh, and one more thing, a majority of this show is done through hand signals. #saywhaaaaaaaa

NED [the awkward nerd]: The goody two shoes that follows all the rules. I got a nerdy vibe from him, but the more I got to know, the more I empathized with him. He suffered from so much, from losing every person he loves to almost losing himself and yet he continued to fight for another day. #madrespect 

Yoga Dude [the jock] : The peaceful one. I couldn't figure out why he went to the retreat till the very end. He was calm, collected, and came off as humble. As the show went on, he was confident and laid back. He didn't seem to have internal demons to battle. He even made moves and had sex with The Lost Child. It wasn't until he placed the ring from his necklace on his finger that I realized he was married the whole time. Didn't see that comin'. I didn't see him getting buck naked comin' either. #whatjusthappened #shitjustgotreal

The Lost Child [the cheerleader]: The second she entered the stage, I knew she was just like me. She was late, which seemed like any other day, and she was carrying the world with her. Sound familiar? Yet, she was another character I just couldn't place. She seemed resistant to the retreat, and I began to question whether she truly wanted to be there or not. Up until this point, I still don't know why she was there. I just knew that she was like me and that she was hilarious. There's a scene where she tries to eat a bag of chips quietly as to not wake anyone. Her attempt to silently open it and the crunching of the chips is something I would totally be caught doing. I felt like I was staring at a reflection of myself. She even had a ton of colored pens. COLORED FREAKIN' PENS! Screw the name The Lost Child. Her name was Mona. 

The Tough One [the marshmallow] : At first, I thought of her as the business woman. The workaholic. The multitasker. The one who takes things too seriously and takes everything on to distract herself from the present. She was a tough pill to swallow. I later learn that she has cancer, and she learns her partner's true opinion of her condition. The pain of it all is so unbearable that in one scene, she screams. In an attempt to cheer her up, The Old Man shares his bug bite pain. The two share a laugh and their reasons for being there, enjoying each others company. In that moment, I felt for both characters, and it felt real. The scene broke my heart. #thefeelsarereal She may have come off as a tough cookie, but she was softer than a marshmallow at heart. 

The Crier [the heartbreaker]: The DEFINITION of sensitive. She cried at just about anything, and if I'm being honest, she wasn't my cup of tea. #sorrynotsorry  

The Old Man [the heart strings] : It's like they knew....THEY KNEW how to break this girl's heart. He was your typical kind, wise, old man. Your adorable grandpa. The one who cared about each person he interacted with and brought positivity to those around him. I just wanted to pinch his cheeks and adopt him forever. #adoptinghim #noseriouslythough 

For a show that's mostly hand signals, it made me question why we don't listen more. And how little we need in order to connect with one another, because at the end of the day love is love and we're all human beings. 

Want to see it?