POST: 'Shoes and Baggage' - there were two shoes on stage, both beautiful

What's it about?

Cheryl Stern has a huge shopping addiction problem. Follow her on her journey of overcoming the addiction before it’s too late.

What'd I experience?

My Idealist Self

Walking into the theater, I sat right up front. The first thing I noticed was, of course, the shoes on stage. Surprisingly, for a show called Shoes and Baggage, there was very little to be seen for both. There were only two shoes on stage, which were both beautiful if you asked me. One was tan flats, while the other was tan heels with a golden heel. They were BREATHTAKING, and mind you, these were arm’s length away from me. I had to resist the urge to try them on, but I was so close I could feel them.

Watching Cheryl Stern, I felt like me and her were one. Like she understood me. Like I’ve known her my entire life. She was my lifelong best friend, who was as quirky and interesting as me, and I just forgot. She’d tell me these crazy stories and give each character accent. There was this one hilarious story about how she was walking her dog, who ended up getting friendly with another dog. She goes into crazy detail about how the other person’s dog was tricked out with a bejeweled leash. I learn that the owner’s name is Karen, and she has this southern, excitable accent. She asks Cheryl to have a playdate with her dogs, and Cheryl’s response gets me because that’s EXACTLY what I would think. She thinks, “We need a playdate. YES. WE. DO! I’m so glad our dogs met.” Like yes! She even incorporates it into the story. Can she BE any more like me? Her story telling skills are on. Freakin’. Point!

The two end up talking, and she learns that Karen works at Vogue. Cheryl is clearly excited and gets invited to an appointment at Louis Vuitton. Holy freakin’ crap. I would feel like the HUGEST princess. Karen convinces her into getting a bag, and Cheryl hugs it with the hugest grin on her face. I found that so funny because I just bought a Baymax Pillow, and that’s exactly what I did, and still do, when it’s on me.

ANYWAYS, she goes into a bit of talk about her family, and at this point, I’m looking straight into my reflections eyes. Her mother uses shopping and beauty to avoid issues. Her sister is the pageant princess, which leaves Cheryl in the shadows, trying to be good enough but falling just a little short. Can she BE any more like me? She spends the rest of her life trying to please people, to feel good enough, and find a place to call her own. Sadly, shopping becomes her outlet. The one thing that brings her true happiness, and even if it’s temporary and causes more problems than it solves, it’s good enough for the moment.

My Realist Self

Now, maybe I was tired from working on things, but I found myself forcing myself to stay awake. At certain points, when she was further away from me, I would close my eyes for just a few seconds. I really wanted to check my phone to see how long I had left. I don’t know what it was, but I felt myself constantly getting angry with her. Cheryl had this crazy amount of debt, yet she was STILL buying the most expensive things. Like what?  

She was easily peer pressured, and tried WAY too hard to please people. I totally get it. Your past experiences made you feel insignificant, and it’s so embedded in you to try and please people, but where does that leave you? Why aren’t you resisting? She told me multiple stories of how she wouldn’t want to buy a piece of clothing, but the staff peer pressured her into it. Then, there was that story about how she became friends with Rena JUST because she looked pretty. That’s pretty shallow if you ask me.  She even tells me that she never looks as good as Rena, but she’s always trying. My heart sinks. You’re worth more boo boo, and I just can’t watch you like this.

And that shopping addiction. I just didn’t get it. Maybe it’s because I have no concern for companies like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. I mostly shop at places like Hot Topic and Forever 21. Even then, I have self-control. I don’t buy anything unless I REALLY want it and if I can truly AFFORD it. A majority of the show was about companies like that, so it was kind of a snooze fest for me. You know you have no concern for stuff like that when you used to think that Michael Kors was Mary Kate….Yeah……I’m that bad.

I just couldn’t identify with this woman. Oh yeah, I say WOMAN because she’s in like her late 30s or early 40s. She’s an ADULT, but really, she acts like a child. Cheryl is a girly girl with terrible morals and a serious problem. She can’t sit with this tomboy. 


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