POST: 'Sell/Buy/Date' - a prof specializing in the sex industry

What's it about?

Sell/Buy/Date goes in the mind of a professor specialized in the sex industry. Her curiosity is extreme and with that, she interviews and places herself in the shoes of the victims of it. 

What'd I experience?

The show started off late, 15 minutes to be exact. While waiting, a nice women chatted with me about how it is normal for shows not to start on time. My reply was "according to whom?" and she goes on to say in Latin America, starting late is a norm because even the audience doesn't arrives on time. My reply was "this is America, where everything is according to schedule". The stage was set up as a lecture hall where the professor is in the middle and the students are seated around. Apparently that was the idea, the professor in this case was the performer, Sarah Jones. Because she started off with a British accent, I assumed she was British. Little did I know that she can change accents at the drop of the hat. We, the audience, were her students being lectured on the idea of sex and prostitution. 

Oh and let me not forget, all this is taking place in 2035. I wonder how a 39 year old me will be in that moment of my life, so curious! Not surprisingly, 2035 is highly technological and people can read each other's minds via a technology device. In our lecture, we are focusing on the victims and perpetrators of the sex industry. The victims are interviewed willingly on how the industry has or has not changed their perspective on life. Mind you these characters consisted of people from all walks of life and Sarah played each and every one of them - she would change her facial expressions, accent, body form and more. 

Those who were interviewed were surprisingly OK with being a  sex worker and very few was against it. I thought to myself, is this what the world has come to be, being OK with prostitution as a career or business. For me, I believe the idea of prostitution is immoral no matter the way you choose to put it. I understand some are unfortunately forced into it but than there are those who choose to do it willingly. The big difference between being forced and wanting to do it is loud and clear. As the professor lectures, she is often interrupted because of the overwhelm of emotion she has because of the stories the interviewees are telling.

I have come to realize during my time in college that professors teach subjects based on the connection they have to it. In this case, the professor specialized in the industry of being a sex worker because her mother once was. The professor was the product of her mother's occupation, but with the help of others (nonprofit organizations and specialized programs) she left it and made a better life for herself and child. In the end the wanting and curiosity the professor had of knowing what her mother went through, since she never discussed about it was overwhelming. Her idea of getting first hand experience was to become a professor that specialized in it.

In the end, to my surprise, Sarah Jones was not British but an American who was just good at disguise.

Want to see it?

$25 Student Rush

MTC Theater - Studio @ Stage II
thru Nov. 20