POST: 'The Secret Life of Your Third Grade Teacher' - I live my life three ways

What's it about?

A one woman show focusing on different aspects of a third grade teacher's life.

What'd I experience?

I've never been to Soho Playhouse. I always google the address of a theater before I go, so that I make sure I'm going to the right place . I googled "Soho Playhouse" and Yelp popped up. Usually, Yelp is connected with bars, hotels, and restaurants - since Yelp is all about reviews and ratings. I was like Wow, why is this on Yelp? Isn't this a theater? I thought there had to be something wrong.

I got to the theatre and turns out, it was actually the theater's bar on Yelp. There's a small stage and a bar within the same venue. I was confused, so I didn't know what to expect.  I sat down and felt out the venue. It was so intimate, I felt like I was at an open mic performance. I liked it. I was looking forward to seeing someone perform so close to me. 

Ms. Mikaela Bly, a third grade teacher, introduced herself to the crowd. She started cracking jokes about her third grade students and how funny/cool they are. She talked about how they would bring toys to school and play imaginary games to get through the day. She was the kind of teacher who created imaginary scenarios to help her students understand certain things. Like when it came to social studies, she made them believe that they were playing a game to get them interested. She had so many imaginary stories that helped her students. While she was telling these, I felt like I was transported to the third grade and it made me reminisce on how I was in third grade. 

I knew I was the annoying kid. I used to BELT OUT the pledge of allegiance while all the other kids would mumble it. I was the kid that didn't care about playtime and cared more about how I was going to forge my parents signature on my reading contract. Oh, the good old days.

She told a story about how one of her students stole blocks from the second grade and hid them in his cubby. The fact that he thought he wouldn't get caught was hilarious. When you're in the third grade, you feel as if you're indestructible! Watching her tell her stories made me just miss elementary school. I missed being petty and not caring about anything but catching up on episodes of Arthur and Dragon Tales.

Ms. Bly loved being a teacher but she also felt as if she didn't have a life of her own. She didn't have a boyfriend and confessed that her self confidence was pretty low. She knew that teaching was the biggest part of her life. Her students were everything to her and she didn't really know how to escape the fact that teaching was taking over her life!

In time Ms. Bly finally met a guy who she felt understood her. She told us how much they were both like each other. As time went on she realized that her boyfriend was way too serious for her. He had a timeline and he wanted to get married and have kids really soon. She wasn't feeling the same way. She was a fun girl who liked teaching and living in a fantasy world to help her escape reality. 

I totally understood where she was coming from. I actually do the same thing. I alway let people know that I live my life three ways - reality, fantasy, and comedy/sarcasm. Sometimes the reality of the world is too serious for me and I just need to escape. Escaping reality to me is creating music, creating new clothes, envisioning new outfits and accessories that could help me achieve a new high for myself and on social media, of course. I mean let's be real what's a good outfit if you don't Instagram and Twitter it?

I saw myself in Ms. Bly so much and realized that its okay to be someone who loves living in a fantasy world sometimes. You shouldn't feel guilty if you're not serious 100% of your day. Have fun and make your own rules because its your own life!

Want to see it?

$9 tickets (thru OffOff@9)

The Secret Life of Your Third Grade Teacher
Soho Playhouse
thru Oct. 14