POST: 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' - things are going to get weird

What's it about?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show follows the story of Brad and Janet whose car breaks down on the way to celebrate their engagement. They take shelter in a nearby castle, where weird things ensue.

What'd I experience?

Full disclosure, I have seen Rocky Horror countless times in my life, it’s one of my favorite movies/musicals ever. I can practically recite the whole movie and know every song in the whole thing. Hell, I’d even have no problem dressing up as Dr. Frank-N-Furter for Halloween or something. I would rock those fishnets, corset, and pearl necklace with no hesitation. So, obviously... when I saw that a movie theater was showing Rocky Horror while having a cast perform alongside it, there was no way I wasn’t going to see it. Also, if you have never seen or heard of Rocky Horror before, things are going to get weird.

As soon as I sat down I started getting excited. The theater was way more packed than I expected, and for the first time in my life I didn’t mind it.The more people who showed up the more fun it was going to be. People were coming dressed up as various characters, a lot of which were dressed as guests of the party. There was one or two Frank-N-Furters, an Eddie, and one couple as Brad and Janet and another as Riff Raff and Magenta. No Rockys surprisingly, but I can understand if nobody wanted to show up in a golden speedo. Pretty soon after the lights went out a man came onstage with bright red lipstick and the movie started, and “Science Fiction/Double Feature” started playing. He sounded awesome and was doing a great job, but the whole entire audience (myself included) was singing along. It gave me the same feeling that I had when I saw Foo Fighters and the whole crowd was singing along to “Best of You” in this emotional, half drunk mess. It was weirdly beautiful.

The rest of the show was going pretty normal (or at least as normal as it gets for Rocky Horror) until we finally reached the castle. As Riff Raff opened the door the crowd let out a creepy and monotoned “hello” and “you’re wet” right on queue, and you could see that the performers were loving how involved we were, and know what was coming next. As soon as the first chord of “the Time Warp” played everybody was getting up. Most of me was excited but there was a very small part of me that was a bit scared because it was about to get really hectic. There was no way anyone in there didn’t know the Time Warp, and even if they didn’t the steps were in the song so there was no excuse not to get up and dance. When the time came and the Investigator said “It’s just a jump to the left,” a whole wave of motion followed as the entire crowd jumped in sync. I swear I felt the floor shake, and was actually kind of worried we we going to cause some sort of structural damage because damn were we INTO IT. Everybody even fell to the floor at the end of the song, except for me of course, I fell into my seat. I worked at a theater before, I know how dirty those floors can be.

What followed next was the other song that everybody knows from Rocky Horror, “Sweet Transvestite.” Now I’m not afraid to say I know every lyric to this song and get really into it when I sing, but there were people who were infinitely more into it than me. The best part was that the guy playing Frank-N-Furter even came out in the sparkly cape and ridiculous platform heels. Then when the time came and he threw it off, the guy looked FIERCE in his corset and fishnet stockings. Like he was dedicated to his role. What I wasn’t expecting though was that during the part of the song where he throws water at the camera that the audience was going to also throw water. I was sitting two rows in which means there were plenty of people behind me. I was drenched, but I loved it (a similar thing happened when he said “a toast” and a bunch of people threw toast towards the screen. That one was less fun).  Then at the end of the song when he sings “I see you shiver, with antici...” the whole crowd screamed “SAY IT” during the pause, which ended with a very satisfying “...pation” from both Franks.

The rest of the show went on awesome as I hoped it would. Everyone was singing and reciting lines along with the movie and the actors, and the actors encouraged and loved the enthusiasm we were showing. It really had that concert kind of feel to it, that I was there and a part of it rather than just watching it. That’s always my favorite vibe to feel when I’m at a show, because it’s so rare but when it does happen it’s always so beautiful. I’m definitely going again too. I don’t care if I’ve seen the thing a thousand times I will not get sick of it, and for the price of a cheap movie ticket why would I not go?

Want to see it?

$9 tickets

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Cinepolis Chelsea Cinemas
Every Friday and Saturday night