POST: 'Ride the Cyclone' - that put a lil' bit of spook in me

What's it about?

Six high school choir students board the Cyclone at 8:17 PM. At 8:19 PM, the front axle breaks and sends these teens to their untimely deaths. In a Survivor-esque game of voting, it's up to these six teens to decide who gets to return to the world and who is forced to accept their fate.

What'd I experience?

The title and description of this show took me for a couple of loops before the show itself actually did. The concept was really interesting to me: six high school friends are sent to their tragic deaths and they must decide on ONE of them to return from the after life. Now imagine if you and your friends were put in this situation... I know I wouldn't be able to handle it! Like AT ALL. The thought of death has always been something that put a lil' bit of spook in me.

You know those creepy animatronic fortune teller things that are at amusement parks? Well, the play starts off with one of those. Referred to as "The Amazing Karnak", this animatronic fortune teller is quite a special one. With the ability to actually tell the future (unlike his counterparts in other various amusement parks), Karnak guides the teenagers through their journey. Soon after their deaths, the teens are transported to the afterlife where the games finally begin.

Karnak explains that only ONE person can return out of the six teens, invoking back stories and pleas from the contestants that made me feel like they're voting on the season finale of Big Brother or something. Even though the decision wasn't in my hands, I felt invested in these characters, full of teen angst and the need to feel alive...

you have selected: Angsty Teen

you have selected: Angsty Teen

The six teens present their cases in musical style, creating worlds straight out of their own fantasies: full of cat women, rap fest, questionable 1930's french cabaret & a dictatorship for the good of humanity. The teens presented their stories and their fantasies for the world in a way that they seemed to have already come true.

A lone girl tells her story to the best of her ability, even though she was decapitated during the accident and can't remember who she is or was. This was perhaps the creepiest yet saddest story of the show, that actually made me wanna throw my whole vote at her, along with my sad heart.

                                                                               *SPOILER ALERT*

Eventually this girl, given the temporary name Jane Doe by her new found companions in competition, is granted the opportunity to return to life as everyone realizes that the one without memory, deserves to fill her life with new ones. The teens eventually accept their fate, for an interesting reason.

Imagine if in death you found everything you really wanted. All your fantasies came true whether it be fame, fortune, or money. Would you stay dead, or beg to return to life? That's the question that this play left me with. Even though yes it is pretty grim, it is an interesting "what if" scenario. I still haven't been able to answer this question, but what would you do? 

What'd you experience?

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