POST: 'Revolt. She said. Revolt again.' - thinking about possibilities

What's it about?

A show encompassing many different shows pertaining to revolutionizing the world, language, our bodies, and the way we think.

What'd I experience?

There are times when I see a title of a show and have no clue as to what I would be seeing. Then there are times when a title leads me to have some sort of expectation. Well, "Revolt. She said. Revolt again." definitely had me thinking about some possibilities.

When I hear "revolt" I automatically think about being on guard. I think about defense, being in command, taking a stand, and standing in your own conviction or belief. It all comes down to "going against" something or someone for me. So me being the dramatic character that I am, when I saw that the title had both words "revolt" and "she" I thought it was going to be about a women portraying some sort of self-defense role. Basically, I thought it was going to be like the movie Enough with Jennifer Lopez but in a play/theatre form.

I mean the title isn't Revolt. It's Revolt. She said. Revolt again. The word revolt is used twice, enforcement, so I knew I had to be right. :)

I mean. Doesn't "revolt" depict some sort of dramatic ambiance? Although this was the first time ever in my life that I was wrong (there's a first time for everything), I was pleased with everything that was unfolding right before my eyes.

First of all, it wasn't a play that had one story-line featuring main and supporting cast members. It was a play that featured different scenes in relation to the underlying tone of revolution & things. Each scene was like an entirely different show.

One of the first scenes was focused on revolutionizing language. The way we speak and say things can be interpreted so differently to whoever we're speaking to. Words have meanings but they can be ambiguous at the same time. Little words like "put" and "place" could be misconstrued, it matters on how you perceive a word and what it means to you. I always knew that words are powerful. My mother always tells me "Words have meanings and people can hold you accountable for your words." I believe that, and seeing it here was a reminder.

The play also focused on revolutionizing work, the world, and your body. My two favorites had to be work and the body. Revolutionizing work meant to stand up your beliefs. An employee was arguing with her employer because she wanted to request Monday's off for the simple fact that she just wanted more sleep and time to walk her dogs. Her employer was not having it and didn't want to give her Monday's off but she would continue to say that she wouldn't come in on Mondays. This scene was one of the best for me because nobody likes Monday's. I was empathizing with the employee. I could totally understand where she was coming from, that was basically me on stage. I actually wanted to go up there and back her up! I wanted to represent her! Can I be in her work Union because we all should have Monday's off! The scene ended without us finding out if the employer agreed to give her Monday's off but it didn't matter because the employee already made her decision and she definitely wasn't changing on it.

Revolutionizing the body was so profound and deep. It focused on a woman being reprimanded for laying nude in the middle of a marketplace aisle. The authority kept asking her why would she lay nude, why would she do this in a marketplace? She responded with a lengthy monologue about how her body is owned by her and not for the world. She said no one could take her body, no one could have her body, and no one could rape her body because it belonged to her. Everything she was saying was so inspirational.

She said her body was not for the world to take unless she gives it. That's all so true. Nothing could and should happen to your body without your consent because it is yours. Your body belongs to you and only you. 

Revolt, pretty much stood for revolutionize. In retrospect, I interpreted the title in a way that wasn't right or wrong. Looking back on the play it was about taking a stand and going against what you don't want to conform to, and being brave. Being reminded that I was reminded that I am in charge of every aspect of myself and I couldn’t have seen it at a better time in my life. Being that I am in college I need to always live in the mindset that I am in charge of myself and everything that I do. I will revolt. Revolutionize.

Want to see it?

Sorry, this show is no longer showing.