POST: 'Red Speedo' - anything for a chance

What's it about?

The story focuses on the troubles that a swimmer faces, both in his sport and everything else from family to relationship issues. 

What'd I experience?

I was amazed by how small the theater was from the outside. But when I walked into the room of the theatre - it seemed huge. I couldn't believe my eyes… I got really excited when I saw a pool in the front of the stage. I got even more excited when I saw a guy dressed in a red speedo come out onto the stage. Dream come true! And I get to watch him for two hours… Hehe..

Getting back to more serious matters… 

I have always thought that Olympic swimmers had it pretty easy. I mean, besides all the training that comes along with it, these swimmers had to win one or two major competitions and then they would be set for life. They would then get deals from companies and make a couple of easy hundred grands. Probably, the most they would have to do is to stand there and have their picture taken.

But the play showed me that these buff swimmers are really no different than you and me. They would do anything for a chance at fame.  The main guy in this story goes so far as to take the risk of using drugs to win. And in the end, he loses everything.

I guess, at the end of the day, we are all human and can only take so much pressure. That made me think twice about being jealous of Mark Zuckerberg or the Hilton family. They probably have enough stress on the daily. It may look all glamorous from the outside. But I don't even know half of what is really going on. No one does, but those who are going through it.

I don't want to spoil the details of the play. But, I'll just say - its depressing to think that the main guy devoted his whole life to swimming, I mean he didn't even go to college. And at the end of it, he has no other options, no other choice but to take a minimum wage job. He put in all that work and ended up right where he started. I guess, it's just the normal process of living. No matter who you are or where you are.

I wouldn't mine a few more guys in red speedos... or even blue ones. Sigh.


Want to see it?

$25 Youth Rush

Red Speedo
thru Apr. 3