Rancho Viejo

What Is It About?

When mid-life crisis hits, the first thing you do is find a wine bottle and drink 

What did I experience?

Something weird usually happens to me on my way to watch a production. But today everything was normal. The MTA was actually functioning well. Didn't get hit by a yellow cab ( I got hit once... long story) and I got free Starbucks. "But how Arturo!!" Well I guess I was having a good hair day, the cashier gave me my croissant and orange juice for free. I'm certainly glad I was not wearing a hat. At that point ,I was ready to lay back and watch a good show.

Rancho Viejo..... Old Ranch, I was expecting latino actors on stage because the title is in Spanish. Boyyy was I wrong. When people talk about mid-life crisis I usually don't pay attention. Come on, I'm 21, I don't have to worry about that right now. But it was clear Pete was going through a mid-life crisis which was affecting his marriage with Mary. The more I start to reflect, Mary herself was going through the same thing. I have never seen marriage seem so boring. Every day they would eat the same thing for breakfast and ignore each other. If that is what being married looks like.. sign me out, please. 

Pete and Mary attempt to regenerate their marriage by meeting new couple friends as a source to feel youthful. This is where Mike and Patti come into the picture. Their marriage is the total opposite of Pete and Marys. Mike and Patti are the fun aunt and uncle you are the most excited to see on Christmas. They seemed so happy together which gave me hope that marriage isn't so bad... sign me back on! 

Finally, Anita comes out. Anita is the only latina in the play! and she doesn't know how to speak English. Yessssss girl, represent! I get so hyped when I see latinos on stage. I just feel so proud. Every time Anita was speaking in Spanish I felt good because I clearly understood everything she was saying. 98.9 percent of the audience were white which for a second I felt like standing up and translating.

The moment I enjoyed the most was when Anita was talking to Pete about not giving up on trying to fix his marriage. I enjoyed the moment so much because it reminded me of my mother and I deep conversations about relationships. My mother speaks Spanglish, and that is  exactly what Anita used to speak to Pete. Just like Pete I understand everything my mother tries to say.

I'm not going to spoil the ending because I don't like doing that. Therefore when I was leaving the play, I felt this feeling of contentment. I was reflecting on all the things I have in my life and I'm happy with what I have. This is a weird feeling because the play had nothing to do about being happy or grateful. I must say it was one of the best train rides back home I have had in a long time. 



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