POST: QCC's 'Hamlet' - I felt like a proud, embarrassing mom

What's it about?

Hamlet’s father is killed by his uncle, and Hamlet makes it his mission to avenge his father's death.

What'd I experience?

While the show was pretty far for this Brooklyn girl, it was definitely worth the trip to Queens. A friend of mine was performing in the show (mini shoutout to Chris. You killed it!), and I was excited to see his college debut as an actor. I remembered countless conversations about his dream of becoming an actor, so I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to support him at this show. I also happened to stumble into his family at the theater, so this was one of the rare shows I didn’t have to go to by myself (thank the lord).

Before I can even really mention the show, I have to talk about the people sitting behind us. See, I’m not the confrontational type, but I was about to become one. The ENTIRE performance, these people behind us continually made loud commentary, were insanely rude, and I REALLY wanted to give them a piece of my mind. Funny enough, I wasn’t the only one. His family and I held our tongues though because we weren’t going to ruin it for the person we came to see, but ohhhh. The commentary in my head. I was pretty glad no one could read minds because it was just a lot of bleeps and #!$@*!

So, I’m not a huge Shakespearian fan. I constantly find myself trying to decipher what they’re trying to say and unsuccessfully I might add. This show wasn’t any different. I decided to just read body language and piece together the events instead of understanding every word they said, and at a point, I may have been a bit too excited to see my friend on stage because at certain points I was a bit focused on them, but I couldn’t resist. Hearing him say his lines, I felt like a proud, embarrassing mom that just wanted to stand and shout “DATS MY BABEH!!” but more like that’s my friend because he’s not my kid and his mom was there, so like yeah. Like. I’m just gonna stop.

When I wasn’t cheering for my friend, I found myself settling into Hamlet’s shoes, not knowing what actions I’d take if I was in the same situation. My uncle killing my father? Would I be blinded by rage that I’d actually kill my uncle? Maybe. I don’t think I’d put on a play about the event just to see my uncle’s reaction though. That’s pretty lame.

And I was pretty confused as to why everyone thought Halmet was mad. I don’t think he was. Cruel and harsh. Bitter even, but not mad. So he told the girl he was going to marry to be a nun and he wanted to abolish marriage. Big whoop. He wasn’t about that life. What? We can’t have our own beliefs? I don’t roll that way. And he was seeing the spirit of his dead father, but c’mon, so were other characters. I think Halmet was just speaking his mind, and was it a bit out there. It reminded me of a conversation I was having with my friend’s grandmother before the show. She was talking to me about being different and how people are quick to dismiss or try to change people who see things differently, trying to make them “normal.” I can go off on a whole tangent about how normal is subjective and we shouldn’t be ruled by a consensus that tells us to be a certain way, but I digress. What I got from that conversation was that people are different and they have these worlds in them, and if we saw things from their perspective, entered their world, then we'd see the beauty that is them. We'd understand. I couldn’t help but feel that way about Hamlet. I didn’t want to dismiss him because of his ideas. I just wanted to enter his world and see it the way he did. To see him for who he was. To understand. To see his beauty.

After the show, I got to hangout with my friend, his family, and a couple of the cast members, which was pretty cool I might add. We found ourselves dying of laughter, and I can’t help but laugh just thinking back. Even now, I can’t help but be grateful to have been there because I got to spend time with good people who have insanely great vibes and to see a show that really opened my eyes to being more objective and understanding of those around me.  #reachingnirvana

Want to see it?

:( Sorry this show is not currently showing.