POST: 'Pillars of New York' - there was this moment...

What's it about?

This therapist named Jake wants to make a book out the stories of his patients, without their permission, but then all his notes are lost in the tragedy of 9/11. So now he wants to make a whole new book about his patients that survive (which involved my favorite song where they are all mad at him and it ends with their silhouettes giving him their middle fingers). 

What'd I experience?

I did not expect this at all. I was born in 1997 so I was not that familiar with the phrase “Pillars of New York” referring to the Twin Towers/World Trade Center. I was trying to understand what was going on in the beginning. I came into this little theatre, called St. Luke's, thinking I was going to see this drama. Yes, I got what I expect plus some major singing - it was a musical! They were telling the story behind everyone in the first half of the show. There was no intermission but I felt like I watched a prequel before I saw the real story because they were separated by the tragic events of 9/11.

Most of the characters that fell victim to the Towers falling were going through major life changes. It always seems like I’m being read a script to an action film when people tell me about 9/11. I could never imagine such a thing. It really feels like it could only happen in the movies. These actors had a very important story in their hands to tell and I received it. But there was this one moment in the show where I went through a huge mind fuck.

Prior to the event, this character Davis had just been told by his girlfriend (whom he was cheating on) that she is pregnant. I knew exactly what was going through his mind, actually he sung about it. It gave me extreme anxiety. I’m just way too young for that, but he was good to go. So, he got a call from the woman he was cheating with and she was in great need of sexual attention (she ends up dying in the towers). He called it off with her because he was ready to accept this child as his. Not only did she die, but his daughter and soon to be wife also did too.

Yet, I did not notice who exactly was on their way to the world trade area on the train scene. So the therapist Jake went to visit Davis and Davis was acting very strange. He was like, good… after everything that happened he was good… too good. He talked about his wife and daughter and how they survived from the top floor… but how. How can someone survive such a tragedy? He went through his musical number, she was in the room with him but turns out… SPOILER: ready for this?

SHE’S DEAD, HIS DAUGHTER'S DEAD, AND HE IS IN A MENTAL HOSPITAL. I LOST MY MIND AFTER THAT. IT WAS A REALLY DISTURBING PART TO ME. I’m just glad my family survived such a thing and everyone that made this show possible did too. 

Want to see it?