POST: 'Out of the Mouths of Babes' - don't cheat, women are bound to do something drastic

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What's it about?

Three women from Boston are invited to France to attend the funeral of a man that they were all romantically involved with. They are invited by the man's last lover, a young giddy French girl. The three women get to know each other and find out that they overlapped time with the man. 

What'd I experience?

If these women were younger, I think they would tear each other apart.

They all have a key to his home and decide to stay the night. Little did they know that they were going to meet the women that "the love of their life" was cheating on them with. One of the few things that men DO NOT want in this world is get caught cheating.

Luckily, the deceased gentlemen in this show who was a "collector of women" was discovered having multiple relationships long after he was dead. He was a "wife and a mistress" kind of guy. MY DOGG!! This engaging. So, this guy is dead and his funeral is the next day.

It starts off as Evelyn (aka Snookie 2) came into the apartment and ran into a woman that was also named Evelyn, which the Professor (they didn't say his name at all, so I just called him that because of his profession) married back in the 50's. So there was Evelyn standing front of the woman this man cheated on her with. 

This encounter was full of dry humor that had me cracking up. Now, Snookie 2 is 68 and Evelyn in 88, these women have been AROUND. These women really had me thinking about finding a soulmate by the time I prepare to kick the bucket. One day I'm going to wake up and look in the mirrior and say exactly what Snookie 2 said when she looked in the mirror... "DAMN I'M OLD"... but that's for future Bryan to worry about.

BTW Snookie 2 is called Snookie 2 because the Professor's first wife is also named Snookie. The two were equally matched but then along came a third woman who had fallen deeply in love with the Professor, Janice. She was educated and artsy but Janice was a real downer at times. Janice loved the Professor with a burning passion and since they broke up, Janice was on constant suicide watch.

All three didn't get along, but Snookie 2 and Evelyn cared enough to not let Janice jump out the window. Literally!! LMAOOOOO. :D You should've seen it, this women was running for that window, don't we all wish we could do that or is it just me?

And then the fourth woman came along, a women named Marie-Belle. She arranged all three women to fly out to France to attend the funeral. The only thing that could balance out three grumpy old women is a young giddy french girl that the Professor used for sex... Also, Marie-Belle was a little... crazy. She claimed that the Professor's spirit tickled her and apparently made love to her every once in a while. 

I really lost it when Janice finally jumped out the window and survived FOR LIKE THE 10TH TIME IN HER LIFE. Then Janice felt the Professor calling her to join him in his grave at the funeral, so she jumped in there too. These four women were a riot. I guess... this show was a quick reminder to not cheat on women because they're bound to do something drastic.

Want to see it?

:( Sorry - this show is not currently showing