POST: 'One Funny Mother' - let mom take a break

What's it about?

Dena tells the funny truth about being a mother.

What'd I experience?

I had a feeling it was going to be a funny show because on the website, when looking for which show to see, I started to laugh. The show is only performed on Thursdays and Saturdays at 8:00 P.M. Dena, the mother and actress of the play, had funny reasons why she only performed on Thursdays and Saturdays:

Like every time I go see a play (it feels like), my family has planned a get together. I'm Mexican, so this "little" get together always turns out to be a party, and always ends past midnight - 🙄😭 - that's the way it is with my family! So obviously this time around, my older brother decides to throw a "little party" for his fiancé (because of her birthday) when I have planned to go see this play. Usually I get bummed out because I enjoy going, but this time I didn't mind skipping because I know when my family says they something starts at 8, it usually starts an hour or two later.

So while I was heading to the theater, I was reasoning with myself about why I shouldn't feel bad. I kept telling myself, "you would probably only miss an hour, the first hour doesn't really matter because that's when everyone is getting there."

I got my ticket and was walking to my seat when I noticed that the whole audience was either a mom, a mom with her husband, or a mom with her daughter. I went to my seat and I overheard other moms talking, "this is going to be so funny, I need a break from the kids and my annoying husband." I couldn't help but laugh because I knew that was the point of this show, for mom to take a break and have a girls night out.

The play started with a screen that showed pictures of Dena and her kids, it was cute but then there were some funny ones. For example, there was a picture of Dena with her hair in a messy bun with a glass of wine. Enter Dena, cleaning up around her living room and saying - it started off so good, but now it seems like she never has time for herself and her life is all about work and the kids. I automatically connected to what she said, because it reminded me of my mom, and how her life was revolved around me and my siblings. My mom was a stay-at-home mom because she wanted to be there for us because her mom didn't have the opportunity to be there for her. My grandma was a single mom working three jobs to put some food on the table for my mom and her siblings. 

Dena then mentions her figure before she had kids. She mentioned this one night where it was "girls night out" and she went to the club with the other moms. She tried so hard to look nice and sexy. So she is in the club eating nachos, when two young guys come by and start looking at her. She obviously got excited because she thought they were looking at her. But in reality they were looking at the nachos. So that night she goes home and tells her husband the story, and he tells her, "HOLD ON, Dena what were in those nachos!"

Next she tells the audience the story about how one day she was walking with her stroller down the street and this one guy whistled at her. She was so excited, she was like - oh! you think I'm cute? Me? You think I'm cute? Let me walk around one more time so he can whistle at me again. She tells the audience "I miss my old body, when I was skinny with my nice boobs, but now I can't even have a guy whistle at me." The three lady behind me yelled, "Hell yeah, I miss those days when I actually had a butt." I started to laugh so hard, then I thought to myself, this is why I don't want to grow up because I'm going to be old and fat.

There was a video clip, of mothers and they were asked some questions. For example, "Do you hit your children in public?" This one mother's response was, "No, personally I don't because some might look at me like I'm crazy! But I do this thing I call the 'Church Face'." 

What is the Church face? The church face is that face your mother does whenever you're in church or in public and you're acting up - your mom does this face to warn you that you're in trouble. I screamed out and was like "YESSSSS! MY MOM DID THAT FACE EVERY TIME I WASN'T SUPPOSE TO DO SOMETHING!!!" I feel like everyone's mother does that whenever they are in public. 

The play ended with Dena getting dressed and preparing food (but it was actually McDonald's) for her kids while her husband took care of them so she could go out with her girls. She texts her husband saying, "Food is prepared, take care of the kids. love you. P.S. don't text back!!!"

One Funny Mother was more than funny, hilarious isn't even half the word to describe the show. I loved the show so much that I'm going to take my mom and sister to go see the show next week.

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