POST: 'On Your Feet!' - the ultimate power couple

What's it about? 

This play follows the life of Gloria and Emilio Esteban as they kicked off their career and fell in love with each other. 

What'd I experience?

To start off, I am really sorry that I've been living under a rock and I didn't know who Gloria and Emilio Esteban were. I mean, I have heard of their names before but I just thought they were random famous people. Boy did this play make me feel bad about not looking into these people. I didn't even know that I knew songs by them till the song "Conga" started playing. I had heard that song at many block parties while growing up. I have danced to that song so many times and I didn't know who it was from... that was just crazy! 

Before the curtains even opened I started to laugh because they had and audio of Gloria and Emilio telling the audience to shut off their phones...mind you Emilio's phone rang. Then there was also a part where Gloria commented on Emilio's accent and said that he couldn't speak English. I think at that moment, before the curtains even opened, they became a power couple for me. For some reason, I find that couples that tease one another a little more interesting then couples that are just super lovey-dovey all the time. 

The play basically started at a point in Gloria's life where she was famous and on tour and then works it's way into Gloria's earlier life. During Gloria's earlier life, I instantly fell in love with her grandmother because she was just an AWESOME woman. She was like the typical grandmother that motivates you to do the stuff that you are to scared to do but at the same time she did it with a lot of sass. There was this part when Gloria and Emilio were trying to get their music played on different radio stations to get exposure and later get their record label to sign the song. So, my ohhh so favorite Grandma, helped save the day by bribing a club owner to play their song with a bag of cookies. Let's not forget that she showed up to give him the bag of cookies in a trench coat, black glasses and left with the words "I was never here."  Grandma was also the first one to tell Gloria that Emilio liked her. Seriously who wouldn't want a grandmother as cool as her. 

As I watched the story of Gloria and Emilio, I couldn't help but feel really connected to the couple because they went through so much. First of all, they fell in love at a young age and I don't usually expect those relationships to workout, ESPECIALLY when they are working together. Yet these two made it work. They kept that chemistry alive and let that chemistry spark something stronger, the ability to motivate each other. When they couldn't get the label to agree to their English song, Emilio got motivated to get his music out there himself. When radio stations refused to play their music, Gloria motivated Emilio to keep going by telling him that if they played their song in clubs people would get more interested and want to hear that same song on the radio. They were literally there balancing each other out and that made them the ultimate power couple to me. 

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