POST: 'Oh, Hello' - we're all a little racist

What's it about?

Thought I was going to Martha’s vineyard, ended up with two retired “brahs”.

What'd I experience?

We’re all brought up a little racist. As much as we hate to admit that to ourselves, we know deep (deep) down we all have that little judgmental voice in the back of our head that we constantly try to suppress. I’ve personally come to terms with my personal history with racism. In my case it roots from cultural ignorance. My mother was born in a little country known as Ecuador. The fourth smallest country in South America. So, to me the excessively critical opinions- and mean shit - my mum has slipped out about other cultures and people she knows nothing about is expected. I’m not saying her ignorance justifies saying ‘stupid’ things, but I’m also talking about a woman that thinks the common cold can be cured by garlic milk. My point with this whole ‘racism’ spiel is to basically set up why seeing two old New Yahk dudes talk about really stupid  - borderline racist - sh*t was funny.

I’d seen Nick Kroll’s show on Comedy Central before, but I’d honestly never really sat through an entire episode because…. well Netflix exists. Luckily, my brother had, and even better his favorite segment was:

So, it only made sense to bring the dude with me to see it live on Brewd-way. George and Gil are essentially what I’ve always imagined my brother and I would end up like - well, minus the controlled rent apartment. I don’t even think those are a thing anymore.

Anyway, Gil and George are the type of guys who watch the public access channel. Correction: the guys who have a show on the public access channel. As Gil put it, they are the very dry bit left at the bottom of a tub of huh-mas *with the emphasis on the phlegm* - It’s probably weird to say that this comparison is part of what makes the guys so endearing, but it is. How much cuter can two ignorant old men get? Seeing them embrace their weirdness made me see how pessimistic I can be sometimes. For my brother and I (mostly me), it’s always been the case of being the black sheep in a herd of hypocritical white sheep. Being creative has always been an awkward thing in the family. And it always will be, so much like the guys I’ve decided to not give a crap anymore. The thing is people are often so obsessed with ‘fixing’ others,  they forget the fact that the person might just enjoy being different.

Down comes Gil and George to make all your worries of being different disappear!

Their show ‘Too Much Tuna’ is kind of like the talk show version of Seinfeld. A show that I thought was about nothing, yet somehow ends up being about everything. Gil and George do whatever they want, talk about whatever they want, and invite whoever they want. I’m still trying to get over how these walking thrift shops got freakin’ PAUL SORVINO on stage. Literally, what?!?

When I mentioned the guys being a little racist, I’m not necessarily justifying their ignorance. Then again they never take things very far - or I’m not as sensitive as people seem to be nowadays. A lot of the things they joke about were actually quite eye opening. At the very beginning while the guys are introducing themselves they share a couple stories about their life and the people they’ve met. Being New Yorkers makes for a better chance of meeting one of the vast pool of weirdos that live here. It would be impossible to love every single person who you encounters and the guys aren’t scared of keeping sh*t real.

When they talk about some Dominican nurses that cared for them they pause quickly for a minute and whisper, “Close the doors, close the doors!”. My brother and I double over in laughter. Every family dinner we have ever had - those same words have been whispered (“whispered” yet we can hear it from 3 rooms away) in Spanish. Whether it’s talking about someone's new wife or an aunt that always has too much to drink, no one is safe from the grandma's criticism. Even the most beloved of grandchildren. The thing with Gil and George is they’re so oblivious to their judgmental tendencies that it somehow manipulated me into finding it...adorable. I mean they really live in their own world, doing their own thing. Like I mentioned my mum previously, its that same logic I’ve developed for my mother’s questionable moments. The judgements she and these guys make, ultimately don’t hurt anyone.They really don’t mean to. It’s more like hey suffer from a serious case of world vomit. They are just a couple of guys trying to have their last hurrah before they lose their precious rent control apartment to the new age hipsters.

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