POST: 'Nina Conti: In Your Face' - Nina gave no fucks, yo.

What's it about?

Nina Conti: In Your Face is an improvised show by the comedian Nina Conti. She is a devilish sweetheart ventriloquist who turns her audience members into puppets. 

What'd I experience?

So it’s final’s week: this is my hell week. But Nina, man, Nina made my whole week brighter. I was meeting up with the photographer who is also seeing the show with me. Who is also my boyfriend. Yay #ArtsyCouples. We got Red wine and headed inside the theatre.


What did we get ourselves into?? On the stage, there were two coat racks full of masks and an easel. Looked like we were going to be skinned alive. Odeeee creepy. But When Nina finally came on stage, it was nothing but smiles! Well, Nina and her monkey. No. Not a real monkey. Sorry for killing your dreams. Nina is a ventriloquist.  So basically she and her monkey had a conversation with the audience where the monkey continuously interrupted her. Nina asks the first man "so who did you come here with?" / "Is that your bitch?" the Monkey interrupts. Lmaooooo, why he did her like that! His wife replies, "yup I'm his bitch." / "Well at least she knows her place." Lol monkey is literally my alter ego. All of monkey's words are literally my thoughts lmfao.  

Then there was a  moment where Monkey and Nina played a song on the guitar. The song was called, "My Face Hurts When I Sing This Song." LMFAO, monkey's face was strumming the guitar. Nawwwwww, this was something different. I def was not expecting this. This kind of reminded me of Bo Burnham's "What". Basically doing random different little skits. However omggg, I give her so much props because this is all improvised and she's really funny. My drama teacher always told me "it's easier to make people cry then it is to make them laugh." Nah Nina did thattttt. 

So she asked the crowd for questions and she would ask them "what's your job?" Some guy with a lisp responded "city advocate" but it sounded like fity advocate. Nina gave no fucks yo. She was like "what the fuck is that?" He replied, I help people ohe streets. She was like oh wow a New York accent mixed with a speech impediment. I was like noooooooo she went there. So vile. And she tried to call the guy back on the stage and he was just not with it. She real life hurt his feelings :( She lowkey hurt my feelings too. My boyfriend asked a question so when she asked who did you come with? I responded. She killed my life. After I answered one of her questions she was like, "wow so interesting, I lost interest." ............ okay. hurt my feelings and just continue your show. :'( 

The best part was having different people get up on stage and she put the masks on them and basically did ventriloquism on the actual people by controlling the masks mouth through a clicker. It was hilarious, especially since all the audience could do was make movements and Nina made up words for them. There was even someone on stage with a cane! It was crazy funny and when we left the theatre, we wanted to look her up because we heard there were alot of youtube videos of her. So, we ended up watching her standup on the cab ride home. 

Want to see it?