POST: 'Murdered by the Mob' - there might be a killer in the room

What's it about?

This show is a murder mystery show where anything and everything will happen. The Italian mob is celebrating the reigning of a new Don and there seems too be a lot going on in the mob these days even the cops are in on it.

What'd I experience?

It is Saturday night and I am on my way to the theater. A lot of crazy things happen in the city on Saturday night. Now a dinner/mob show is the last thing I thought I was going to get into. This show took place in the fancy Arno Ristorante down in 38th street, so of course The Bronx kid went a bit under dressed. Wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought, though. I arrived at the place and followed the crowd down the steps towards a dining hall where Murdered by the Mob was taking place.

Rocco (clearly a mobster... look at the name) was welcoming people to the party by the entrance. Beside Rocco was a grieving woman named Donna, her husband Pauly, the old Don, had been SHOT TWENTY TWO TIMES this past week... I was sat over at table twelve towards the back of the dining hall very close to the stage where all the action was about to occur. My table was then approached by four women - Lisa and her mother and Laura and a friend. These women had more energy than anyone in that whole dining hall! I’m talking wine-bottles-half-way-through-laughing-smiling and both pairs had just met one another yet the chemistry was electrifying. For one second I thought they were a part of the show because they were too entertaining. They were the best audience member I had ever seen. They were also appropriately loud as fuck.

The show definitely felt like a dinner party celebrating the new Don Johnny. The man that caught my attention was Vito (Johnny's right hand man). He looked like Stallone (a built figure) plus he was wearing a leather jacket, a nice one too. Couldn’t get any more mobster than that man. I always find it entertaining to hear those old fashioned New York-Italian accents.

The night was full of wise guy humor and some nice slick talking. The cast introduced themselves and warned us that there might have been a killer in the room, the killer of Don Johnny to be exact. That came along with the best Playbill or Playkill, as they put it, that I have ever seen. One of the pages in the Playkill was a warning that advised the audience to beware of any:

1.   Suspicious Conversations
2.   Police
3.   Strange Characters
4.   Strange Noises
5.   Strange Happenings

It seemed like something really strange was going to happen and then the crooked city councilman was murdered. The lights went out during his speech and the man was shot. He laid on a chair while the rest of the cast panicked and rambled. I was just like “yo he just go shot can someone call an ambulance” and that was the last thing they did LMFAOO. 

The cops showed up, they seemed to have been pretty close to the venue and heard the gun shots. It was a lieutenant and an officer who arrived at the scene and from there on the show took me on a hilarious ride. The lieutenant was dedicated to solving that crime that night. He gathered up a list of people that worked with the councilman in the past. It went from strippers to massage buddies to women he had relations with, etc… All of which were audience members.

The lieutenant even became Ryan Seacrest for one audience member, who was a song writer that went by 'The Hammer'. Nice tall guy with glasses with a mobster-like haircut and a LEATHER JACKET similar to Vito’s but better. The lieutenant picked judges from the audience to portray Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson, and Simon Cowell.

At one point, I forgot someone had been killed. We went on some sort of intermission where the party officially began and the DJ went on to play some music and get people on the dance floor. The food then arrived also. Good ass pasta, by the way along, with some chicken and mashed potatoes.

We then got back to business and saw a confrontation between the women that was full of incredible insult combinations. I think one was "slut bag whore queen of skank bitches". I don’t know but it was somewhere along those line and I loved it.

Vito was then shot. Rocco was poisoned and Rocco’s girlfriend was stabbed and died, with her head on one of the male audience members lap, and this was just a WONDERFUL MESS. The audience then had to write on a sheet of the Playkill who they thought the killer was. I went out on a whim with my choice due to their appearance and at some point that person's chemistry with The Lieutenant was pretty good. As far as the motive goes, I put down the only thing I could come up with...

We then handed in our slips. The Lieutenant came up with something else I can’t really remember but THEN he called out the killer... it was my guess and I was like “Noo! Get The F*%$ out of here!” The killer then confessed to the crime with a very dramatic monologue. The tone of the show was too far into comedy to truly appreciate this character's dramatic break down. Someone pulled out a gun and then everyone pulled out a gun and just started to fire at each other. Mostly everybody died concluding the show.

Because I guessed the right killer, I got a free t-shirt and a New York license plate that said BADA BING! Truly ended the night on a good note. Though I forgot to take a Playkill to add to my collection and help me with some of the character's names in the show. Still felt SO good to win something.

Want to see it?