POST: 'Matters of the Heart' - your soulmate could be right next to you

What's it about?

A comedy show about two people, Skillet and Booker, who are actually husband and wife in real life.

What'd I experience?

How do I even begin talking about this show? I honestly don’t know where to start. This show had so many layers and different aspects which made it a little hard to follow the storyline. Let me begin with my journey to the theatre.

I got to the venue about 10 minutes early, as I was in the waiting area with other audience members, the usher told us that he would be escorting us to the theatre which we had to go back outside and walk to. It was raining so I was already high-key over it. He called my name and escorted me. When I went up the stairs I looked at the venue and it really wasn’t a theatre. It was like someone’s room transformed into a showroom. I mean I don’t mind if it was a theatre with a capacity of 10,000 people or a theatre with a capacity of 5 people as long as this production speaks to me in some way - I’ll be content.

Skillet is a substitute music teacher and Booker is a full time music teacher and they share the same room together. Skillet tends to fry chicken and eat tons of junk food. I can’t even lie I saw myself in him a couple of times. I love fried chicken but I’m literally trying to hold back from eating that kind of stuff. But when I saw the fried chicken on the stage I was like…

I just wanted to get out of my seat, run onto the stage, grab that chicken, and just...

Booker hated the fact that Skillet would eat so badly. She knew that it was bad for his health. Sidenote: isn’t it weird that the woman’s name is “Booker” - it sounded pretty manly to me.

Anyway, Skillet kept frying his chicken every day and all of a sudden one day he had a heart attack! That really made me think about my own life, like God forbid I have a heart attack just because of some very poor eating conditions. I don’t ever want to experience pain that can be foreseen. For example, Skillet knew that junk food isn’t healthy, and people who smoke know that they could probably get cancer from excessively smoking. So that moment when he fell to the ground made me reconsider all my choices. I’ve been in this diet *in my head* for about like 4 months now but it’s so hard to stick to it. I think God wanted me to see this show as a wakeup call for myself. Well, I’m awake Jesus! I heard you!

Skillet survived his heart attack which means I’ll survive my first one too. I’m just kidding, I’m going to stop eating junk. After he got out the hospital, Skillet was always there to take care of him and she realized that she actually had a crush on him. She recalled that a long time ago he promised to take her out but he didn’t. He was such a flip-flop he only would do things if he saw his interest in them. That quality reminded me of some people I know!

Booker was always there for Skillet during his recovery and she made herself more and more accessible to him. When Skillet fully recovered, he asked Booker if she would like to go on a trip with him to California because he had an audition. You could see the excitement all over her face. Man I would be exciting too, but for different reasons. She was excited because her crush asked her to go out. I would be excited because I’ve always wanted to go to California and I haven’t been.

After she agreed to go on the trip, the show ended with Skillet and Booker dancing together as if they were in love all this time. I guess the bigger picture here would be that your soulmate could possibly be with you all the time and you don’t even know it yet. As for me the most apparent and vital message was “Andrew stop eating junk food, or you’ll have a heart attack!”


Want to see it?

$9 tickets (thru TDF's OffOff@9)

Matters of the Heart
The Hartley House
thru Sept. 30