POST: 'Matilda' - Miss Honey, she's perfect #teachergoals

What'd I experience?

I'm group leader for a group of 8-9 year olds at Goddard Riverside Performing Arts Camp. We were taking our kids to see Matilda, a show which we had learned a song and dance from. You already know they were on tilt and they even got dressed up. All I'm thinking is - ugh, I gotta take these kids on the train to Time Square. But my group behaved really well. We got to the theatre right at 1:55 - so we rushed in and sat down and as soon as I went to take my seat the lights dimmed. The stage looked like a scrabble board with only the letters from the word Matilda.

It was a birthday party, a party of life in general. "My mommy says I'm a miracle."

My doctor says I'm a miracle too tbh. Doctors wanted my mom to abort me, 8% chance of living, maddddd medication. Mmmboy, I'm really a miracle. Tbh so is everyone's life is a gift and so is each day. It was glad to know that these kids had positive reinforcements in their life. Omgggg like the time one of my counselors told one of our kids to get in line cus he ain't special. Little kid broke down crying, like my mom said I was special and God made me individually. I was like okay bro you got it lmaoo.

But aww the juxtaposition was too real. All the kids, in the show, came out with the praises their parents said about them and then you have Matilda.... "my daddy says I should shut my smart mouth". Aw bendito, I wanted to give her a hug she was so cute and tiny.

Yooooo Matilda's parents are something else. Backwards ass parents telling her she needs to stop reading books and watch tv. "Telly" showed how terrible the tv is for you. The brother literally has one word in the song which was Telly. He was too focused on the tv to sing. Her parents seem so outrageously terrible that it makes me wonder if there are really parents out there like that... If so, God be with their children. Oh lol and during intermission the dad came out and was like for any children in the audience that had to witness these tragedies we want to let you know that it is absolutely not okay and we don't want you to try to this at home.... reading, of course. LMFAO low key. I thought that he was gonna talk about the abusive parents low key I wish he did. Am I the only one who thinks there should have been a trigger warning or a talk back or something after. Like this is kinda crazy for kids to watch. I'm sure they all know it's humor but tbh kids really go through abuse like this.

I can't say I relate to Matilda because uh I'm not that smart at all. And also my parents have been pretty good at supporting me. But one person I hope to be is Miss Honey. She's honestly perfect, teacher goals. Nowadays the system and teachers don't even care about you. They just looking for a paycheck. Miss Honey personally went out her way to go to Matilda's house. With the help and information from Miss Honey, Matilda was able to defeat Ms. Trunchball.

"We are Revolting Children" was the last song and my favorite because my kids had learned the song and choreography for it. Of course I had to explain to them they couldn't be singing during the show. But it was cute and very welcoming. For their bows they came out on scooters and all I could think was, pfftt budget so big, cus there was noooo scooters in the play lmao.

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