POST: 'Marina High-nrg!' - sometimes you have to be your own messiah

What's it about? 

Marina's High-nrg is an interactive workout experience that follows the theme of saving yourself and staying fit. 

What I'd experience? 

I admit... I am a total stickler when it comes to change. And most of the time when things don't go as expected, it sort of ticks me off and blinds me from the good things in life. 

Friday, was a rainy day and it was cold but more than anything I was excited to go see this play because I heard it was not only a play but it was an interactive workout experience. I figured maybe going to this play would make me finally do some exercise and attempt to get into shape. Imagine my disappointment when I got there and found out I could not sit in the lower level and would have to go up stairs. So now I was cold from being outside in the horrendous weather and I could not be a part of what, to me, seemed like a fun interactive theater/zumba experience. I almost threw a tantrum while going up the stairs but a little voice told me to act my own age (aka my conscience). 

I admit I am ashamed at myself for letting my - not being part of the workout - ruin some of my experience because when I think of it now I did learn from this play. The lesson sneaked up on me in the midst of my pouting. Throughout the whole play there was this theme of finding your own messiah. I overlooked it for a while, because I was too busy paying attention to the music that reminded me so much of Mamma Mia. But, during the end, people from the audience who I think were from the cast started telling their stories of not giving up on themselves. It made sense because it was showing everyone that at times they have to be their own messiah and save themselves.

Then Mariana herself gave a mini monologue about not giving up and about how she is fifty eight and still dancing and working out. That did get to me because the woman was more in shape than I am, yet she is more than twice my age. It was a total "shame on you Sara" moment. I mean come on here she is, in shape dancing and singing, while I did Musical Theater class for one marking period in high school and felt like I was going to die. 

The play made me come to the realization that somewhere along my path of life I gave up on staying fit. I figured, I don't eat fast food that much and I'm not over weight so why should I make an effort to workout. I also made other common excuses like I can't afford a gym, I have too much homework, and I'm just to tired. In reality, they were nothing more than excuses. I left the play still a bit disappointed but now with a motivation exercise more and to not give up on myself. 

Want to see it?

:( Sorry, this show is not currently showing.