POST: Brooklyn College's 'Marie Antoinette' - Superficiality. Fakeness. Cliques. *gag*

What'd I experience? (Mona)

I was excited about this show because I got to go with one of my idiot best friends. I FINALLY had someone to turn to. To talk to. Sigh. What a great night.

When this show started, I felt like I was watching an episode Gossip Girl. A Queen B with minions who continually try to please her. Superficiality. Fakeness. Cliques. *gag* Total turnoff. Great. All drama.

Now, this show is all about Marie Antoinette, but I wasn’t diggin’ her to be honest. She was rude, self-centered, superficial, manipulative... shall I go on? I think you get the idea. Yet, I found myself somehow identifying with her. How is that even possible? See, on the surface, she is all of those things, but underneath, I felt like there was more. I think deep down, she was this insecure, lonely, person who never felt good enough, and can ya blame her? Her mother degraded her. She was shipped off to be married at 14 to a man she didn’t love. Stripped of her nationality and just about everything she owned. It’s kinda heartbreaking when you think about it, and it only gets worse. See, she’s self-aware. Underneath that whole superficial “I’m all that” act is a person who’s observant and knows more than she leads you to believe, yet she’s blamed for things out of her control and made out to be this person she just wasn’t. I felt bad for her.

But there was this cute scene with her and her husband after they get imprisoned. He promises to get them out of there, and they slow dance to him humming. It was so cute. You believe that for a split second, things were going to be okay. #uglycries #goals

Sadly, they wouldn’t be. On a brighter note, the music and dancing! They took this piece of history and paired it with modern music/dance. Like whaaaaattt? I couldn’t handle it. Girls twerking and synchronized dancing. 

- Mona

What'd I experience? (Marisol)

Marie Antoinette. Let me just begin by saying I love learning about her story. This Is why I was just so excited to watch the show and I got to go with one of my best friends!!! It was great because, for example, as we waited Mona said “That guy is part of the show right?” And I died!!! I was like GIRL HE’S WEARING CARGO PANTS!!! Ain’t nobody wear cargo pants in 1776. She still didn’t believe me because apparently all that mattered was the shoes to make a look, hahaha. I love her but I can’t sometimes.

Then the show began and I was... I don’t if I should say disturbed or confused when "Barbie Girl" began to play as Marie Antoinette was getting dressed.  Anyway, it was weird seeing the cliques talk because, to me, the historical Marie Antoinette was very misunderstood and suffered, but this Marie was a lot more fierce and sassy.

I had to remind myself that every interpretation is different so I allowed my mind to take it all in.  Especially in this one scene when the family tries to escape the palace and Marie kept asking way to many questions, risking her family getting caught. It took all the strength in my body not to yell SHUT UP YOU STUPID PERSON! I just wanted her to escape. But that only led her to suffer more. After a sweet moment with her husband and a painful one when her son was yanked away, she was left all alone. And then she went mad, until her death.  It made me anxious and stressed to see this interpretation, but in a way I am kind of thankful for. It is only right to know that her life was not comfortable but rather stressful. I felt it.

- Marisol

Want to see it?

$12 tickets

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