POST: 'Maestro' - have I ever admired someone's confidence so much?

What's it about?

An orchestral performance, that indulges you in the music, into the Maestro's life and the drama doesn't stay away.

What'd I experience?

The day had been pretty sucky ...icky and gray ..... I felt like I was getting sick... without energy to even get up from my bed. But my desire for watching a show was stronger.

My energy level and enthusiasm seemed to drop as I traveled to my destination... for some reason wearing a dress and looking presentable seemed to be making me uncomfortable because people JUST KEPT LOOKING AT ME.  Just imagine a serious person... a resting bitch face type 😒... I couldn't look any worse. 

I implored that the show be entertaining enough to pull my spirits. 🙏

And so I entered the venue and just WOW, one of my most favorite instruments - the Piano. I was surprised to learn that the show would consist of several musical pieces played live. I didn't expect this to be the way the show would be.... but that hooked me.  I felt like I was at Lincoln Center. The look of the stage consisted of a giant sheet that contained musical notes and right at the center, a video of a conductor explaining the note compositions and how one should go about conducting them was pretty entertaining since he cracked a joke every once in a while.  

Skimming through the show's program... I anxiously looked for how long intermission would last ...btw it was at this point that I realized I forgot to communicate my journey through Twitter and snapchat, but I guess I saved you the trouble of looking at my face😆 ... I was stunned when I read "This show will be 1 hour and 45 minutes without intermission.Was that even possible?

He made his entrance from the stairs that the audience used and his posture seemed so commanding as he made his way down to the front of the stage, cigarette gracefully held in his right hand while the left rested on his left side hip. I mean like Woah!, have I ever admired someone's confidence so much? Do you think my mood hadn't flipped by now?  

He introduced himself as Leonard Bernstein, a widely recognized American conductor and composer. Through the portrayal of several musical numbers, still known today, he recounted his life story. From when he was little boy, he made his desire to learn how to play the piano professionally. His father, a Jewish businessman, wasn't his biggest rooter and rather tried to impose that Leonard keep to his academic studies to get a "real" job. Years go by and little by little Leonard seems to be reaching new places, meeting new and recognized people of the industry and a chance to be able to teach his learnings. Although his biggest dream was to be widely recognized composer, and for a long time it was what he was searching for throughout the play, the odds didn't seem to favor him in this aspect. Every person he got to meet rejected his pieces. "Maybe one or two notes will work, the rest of the sheets you can throw out", was a response that repeated itself throughout his encounters. I actually wondered - what else could the man do, if he'd already done his work? Was he merely just not good or were his compositions being misinterpreted? I certainly know the feeling, when the motto "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again" doesn't seem to have any validation.

Successful enough professionally, he soon starts longing for love, a family, fatherhood. It is not long until he meets and marries a gorgeous woman need Felicia. They have three children together and he fulfills his desired role, the one that he always remembered missing, a supportive father. At this instant, I wondered about myself - my father figure has always been missing. I covet the feeling of a protective figure being by my side, realizing that there hasn't been anybody there. It's a repetitive pattern that plays out whenever I see myself reflected on the kid who is being held in his father's arms, or the young girl who is taking selfies with her dad.

Pretty soon the years start to go by and Leonard's social network increases and so does his encounters. A particular case - he believes that there is a specific person to fulfill him completely - which is enough of a reason to leave his wife and children; and just as fast as it happened, his fulfilling love relationship terminates. 😒

As he reestablishes himself in his art, he is also able to gain his family back, making him a one-of-kind composer and conductor as well as pianist and lecturer (finally!). Yet I was left with a feeling and a question, had I fallen for the character being portrayed? Or the performer (Hershey Felder) portraying that character? Or for the form in which the performer portrayed Leonard Bernstein? Or... I chose to go with the music. I realized that the sum of what I had fallen for... was the way that they spoke and expressed themselves towards their passion.

Want to see it?

$15 Student Rush

59E59 Theaters
thru Oct. 16