POST: 'Locusts Have No King' - gay/closeted priests

What's it about?

Four gay/closeted priest are living a double lives. One of the four decides that he wants to devote himself to Christ, which results in him potentially outing himself and all of the other priests.

What'd I experience?

I knew instantly that this was going to be my kind of play after the first scene.

Marcus and Jonathan are in a relationship just like Lucas and Matthew. The sticky part is that Marcus and Lucas used to have a relationship of their own. It's gets even stickier because all four men live in the same building and they're all in the same profession. The profession of the priesthood. It couldn't get any messier if you asked me and that's just how I like my plays; messy, over-the-top, and full of drama. I was so ready to watch it all unfold!

Being that Marcus and Lucas were in a relationship together prior to the ones they're in now, it made it so hard for all four men to be in the same room together. Matthew made it no secret that he felt some type of way toward Marcus because he feels like Marcus and Lucas still love each other. I could only imagine how guarded and insecure Matthew felt. I mean he must've been insecure, because when Lucas came in the room Marcus lit up. He was so excited and genuinely happy to see Lucas. Matthew looked so depressed. But Lucas was happy to see Matthew too. But I could feel the chemistry between them (Marcus and Lucas). Matthew felt like he wasn't good enough. When he spoke to Lucas is was like a conversation between friends. The love didn't seem like it was really there.

Actually, it was really sad to see Matthew so hurt. His love for Lucas was apparent but it wasn't reciprocated. The feeling of someone not loving you back was so thick that I could see it. Lucas would barely respond to Matthew when he spoke to him, but when Marcus said anything Lucas was ready to respond even before he would finish his sentence. There was definitely something going on between them.

Jonathan seemed fine with the entire situation which was weird to me. Don't you want your partner to solely look into your eyes and be happy? Clearly Marcus has eyes for Lucas and not you so why aren't you feeling the same way as Matthew. I would be flipping tables if someone I was in a relationship with looked at their ex with such loving eyes. No, seriously I would flip a table. 

I mean why are you even in contact with your ex? What do you both have to talk about? I'm sure I'm capable of talking about whatever it is. I've heard of many cases where people are still friends with their exes and can go out with them and have a ball. I'm sorry but I'm not one of those cases. I can definitely be cordial with you but we are not going to go out and have a ball with each other like we're still together. It just doesn't walk like that for me, that's why I was on Matthew's side.

Matthew finally found his voice and addressed the pink elephant in the room. He asked Lucas "Why don't you and Marcus just get back together?" Everybody was silent. I was ready to hear the answer. To be honest, if Matthew didn't ask, I was going to! Lucas was so angry because he was trying to avoid this question all night. He finally answered "We can't believe he's the only person I've put before God, and no one should come before God." Jonathan had the same answer. They loved each other so much that it came between their religion. They put each other first and their religion second, which was unacceptable to them. Matthew was annoyed and told them he doesn't want to be apart of this gay lifestyle because he feels like it comes between him and his religion, so he's going to resign from the church. Lucas was like "Oh no, you're not because if you resign that means everyone will know about all of our lives." That didn't stop Matthew. So Lucas locked him in the closet. 

I was like really Lucas, the closet? You need to get it together and just deal! You seem like the type to do whatever you want all the time so let Matthew do whatever he wants. While in the closet, Matthew was screaming and trying to break down the door. The whole room turned to black, the chandelier was shaking, wind was blowing, it felt like the end of the world. Immediately Lucas started praying and then the closet door opened and Matthew was dressed in this crazy outfit. It was a mixture of this Gaga costume:

And this wacky tacky outfit. 

I take it that he was supposed to be the devil on account of that outfit because it was hideous. After, it seemed like Matthew (the devil) took everyone's soul the play ended.

I wanted to see more, is there a part two? Does everybody become reborn in Christ or something? I wanted more but I guess the audience was left to make our own ending.

My ending is that everybody dies and wakes up in like an hour and doesn't remember anything. They all go home and have the same dream, meet up the next day, discuss their dreams, stare into each others eyes in horror illustrating that this is some kind of futuristic sign then I'll end the play right there with a big Chinese gong signifying mt dramatic ending.


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