POST: Cirque de Soleil's 'Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities' - my childhood dream!

What's it about?

A bunch of super talented people showing off their skills. Comedy, entertainment, and good ol' fun.

What did I experience?

Circus! Circus! Circus!
IIIIIIIII Loooooovve the circus! Excuse me, I am super excited to talk about this show. The circus just has a way of lifting my spirits, and boy did I need it for this show. My day started off with me extremely agitated. I knew that Randall's Island is in the middle of nowhere, so I left to get to this show 40 minutes early because I did NOT want to miss anything. Guess what? I missed some stuff. Even with train delays, I thought I could make it but no. There is only ONE bus that goes to the island. ONE. The bus was running 30 minutes late and my only other option - a cab, if they actually stop for you. Sighs. AND this place is difficult to find. I'm just following a hunch and decide to follow families. It serves me well as I end up where I need to be. And all my troubles melt away. As soon as I see this:

I am at a legit circus! Tents and all! This is my first time ever and I feel like I am fulfilling my childhood dream. I rush in and try to find my seat. I enter in the middle of an act so the usher has me wait. We have a brief conversation about how awesome Sailor Moon is (she told me she liked my shirt). Thank you, Sailor Moon, because next thing I know she asks me if I would like a seat closer to the action and I say "Yes, please!" 

I felt like I was transported back to a 1920's circus complete with fabulous outfits, exaggerated characters, and incredible acts.  Everything just felt so nostalgic. Like everything I'd imagined a circus would be was right in front of me. The striped tents, the trucks loaded with equipment, and everyone sitting in a circle surrounding the performance eating popcorn. I was in circus heaven. All of the acts were somewhat typical acts you'd find in a circus (contortionists, trapeze acts, etc.), but Cirque du Soleil takes it to a WHOLE. NOTHA. LEVEL. Not only are the people super talented, there are creative twists that really make it unique. Like one act had a guy stacking chairs up to the ceiling and balancing on the edges. Meanwhile, on the ceiling was another guy stacking chairs trying to get to him. Now that's different! The characters are even odd. There were amphibian men, leopard acrobats, an accordion man, and a shrink ray grandma. Yes, I said it. Because this lady was literally less than 2 feet tall and it looked like your grandma if you had a shrink ray and used it on her. Freaky.

My favorite act by far involved a big ass trampoline. Ten people are on it doing flips and flying and everything looked so fun I wanted to be on there! But not really because they go way high. Like one guy did such a high jump he caught onto a rope. I was like boy you better not say you're gonna free fly from ahhhhhhhhhh he did it!

I'm pretty sure I saw a yoyo master. It was mesmerizing. They even had a finger puppet that did break dancing and moonwalks - that had me dying of laughter. These acts kept me at the edge of my seat. There were acrobatic jumps and catches that were just gut wrenching! These people were making leaps and jumps and landing precisely on shoulders or a hand. I'm sitting here like y'all are crazy because one wrong move and you are doing a face plant right into the floor. Uh oh. But that just gives me so much more respect for the whole cast and crew. After the show, I go out by the concessions and they're selling little top hats and goggles and masks and I want to buy EVERYTHING. But instead I take it all in and walk out on cloud nine. 

Want to see it?

$54 tickets

Cirque de Soleil: Kurios
on Randall's Island
thru Nov. 27