POST: 'Key Change' - go to jail, and your fashion life is...

What's it about?

Key Change is a play that focuses on the lives of 4 women in jail. They reflect on how they got to jail and their relationships with their fellow jail mates.

What'd I experience?

Think about it, you see an ad for a play about 4 women in jail who reflect on their lives. In this era wouldn't you think it was basically Orange Is The New Black on a stage? I mean that's what I thought. You can't really blame me since this is the cover that they chose. These women look like extras from Orange Is The New Black. To me.

Anyway, the play began with a group of five women (Angie, Lucy, Kelly, Kim, and Lorraine) jumping around on stage. When I looked at the stage I saw that there weren’t a lot of props. There was literally only chairs and a desk. I remember the show description being something along the lines of a “prison van,” “high fences,” and “snatched babies” so you would think they needed more space and more props.

Well… each woman started telling her story of how she got to jail or what she missed the most while being in jail. Angie was a drug dealer, Lucy was in a domestic violence relationship, Kim missed her children, and Victoria missed the outside world. Lucy’s story about her domestic violence relationship which led her to prison reminded me of Chicago the Musical. The majority of the women from Chicago the Musical were incarcerated because of relationships. I could only imagine what these women really feel. Like, people in jail really can’t do what they please. I mean, I know we all know that but, like, they can’t even get a nice bag of nacho cheese Doritos if they want, and that is a tragedy!

Their jail outfits got me emotional too. Don’t get me wrong I love the color grey and I have worn several all grey outfits here’s one…

…but their jail uniforms were so hideous that I almost shed a tear.

Their outfits were very reminiscent of my High Schools gym uniform. Those grey loose sweat pants and badly proportioned oversized grey sweaters were bringing back bad memories. My skin was crawling!

Ok, fine - I wasn’t there for the outfits, I was absolutely there for their creativity.

The women used tape to create different scenes. When they were talking about the ride to jail for the first time they put tape on the floor and made 9 squares. Everyone got into their squares and started moving around as if they were on a bumpy ride in a real van. It always fascinates me when there’s a small space that is used to its capacity. It really reminds me of my favorite store... Ikea. MANNNNN, Ikea uses the smallest rooms and makes them look so luxurious it’s unbelievable. I literally want to be like Ikea when I grow up. Well I’m kind of grown up so maybe “grown upper.”

Angie, Lucy, Kelly, Kim, and Lorraine all reflected on their past and how they will never choose to do things that will land them in jail once they get out. It’s a jail story with lessons. But, the biggest lesson of all for me at least, was if you go to jail, YOUR FASHION LIFE IS COMPLETELY O-V-E-R!


Want to see it?

$35 tickets

Key Change 
4th Street Theatre
thru Jan. 31