POST: 'Indian Summer' - I can't live a "what if" life

What's it about?

Is it possible for someone to truly change your outlook on life? This play focuses on a girl named Izzy who meets a boy named Daniel who ends up giving her a new perspective on some aspects of life.

What'd I experience?

There’s honestly no better set than this one. The stage was full of sand as if it was a real beach. I wanted to get on the stage and have a photoshoot, seriously I was ready to reenact my Miami vacation on the stage.

The play focused on a boy named Daniel who was vacationing in Rhode Island. Daniel was scrawny and seemed very vulnerable. While on vacation at the beach he met a girl named Izzy. She was the complete opposite. She was loud, bold, and unafraid of everything. Already I liked Izzy because she basically reminded me of myself; loud, bold, and unafraid. Everybody knows that I love being vocal, straight-forward, and pretty daring. With that being said you know I had to be #TeamIzzy.

When Daniel and Izzy first met they kind of got off on a negative note. Daniel was holding Izzy’s brothers sand bucket and Izzy was not having it. She wanted Daniels head on a plate! She was so gangster about it like… “You better give me my brothers bucket back or I will get my whole family on you!” It was kind of hilarious on account of them fighting over a little bucket but she was still right because it didn’t even belong to Daniel. Daniel wasn’t going down with a fight. He felt like she was a bully and didn’t appreciate the way she was talking to him.

I mean I didn’t see a problem (maybe because I saw so much of myself in Izzy). When Daniel refused to give it back, the next time they met up Izzy's boyfriend Jeremy was there to confront him. He definitely put Daniel in his place and basically told him “don’t play around with Izzy, because there will be bigger repercussions.” I mean at that point I kind of felt bad.

I felt bad because Jeremy was so big and buff and Daniel was like a twig. It would’ve definitely been an unfair fight if things became really physical.

Well lucky for Daniel things never got physical. Instead there was a mental change throughout the play. As Izzy and Daniel continued to hang out with each other, Izzy learned a lot from him. She learned new words, she thought about her future career goals, and even thought about her relationship with Jeremy.

You could tell how much she enjoyed that Daniel was so intellectual and his character rubbed off on her. She wasn’t the loud girl anymore. She was the sweet, cute, fun girl that could probably still beat you up.

It was hard for her to really consider a relationship with Jeremy with her new outlook on life. Jeremy was the kind of guy that focused on going to the gym 24/7, eating massive amounts food, partying, and just chilling on the beach all the time. He really could’ve been a part of “The Jersey Shore” if he didn’t have this gig. All of it wore down on Izzy and she realized that he is not “all the man that she needs.” 

Sidebar: “Whitney Houston – All The Man that I Need” is my favorite song by her listen here…

Jeremy proposed to Izzy and you could tell she didn’t want to say “yes” but she did. When Daniel found out he was pretty sad about it himself. They both knew that they wanted each other but they didn’t act on it and now they were both left with “what ifs.”

This play really made me put my life in perspective and made me realize that I can’t live a “what if” lifestyle. If I want something I should go after it and if I feel a certain way about something I should always be vocal, speak my mind, and act upon it accordingly. It was good to see Izzy's new intellectual side but it would’ve been better to see her with Daniel. 

Want to see it?

:( Sorry, this show is no longer showing