POST: 'Indian Summer' - an unforgettable summer on Long Island

What's it about?

Indian Summer tells the awkward relationship between a guidette Rhode Island girl and a scrawny out-of-state boy. After a rough start, their relationship soon blossoms and they become each other's confidant.

What'd I experience?

For some odd reason, there is always an issue when it comes to getting my ticket. It is either my name is spelled wrong or my name is not in the computer system at all. The staff at Playwrights Horizons basically said "if the name makes sense/familiar than the ticket is yours". Sadly, after all that I was fashionable late, meaning I arrived just at 7:00 pm (start time).

It was a packed house and my seat was in the middle of the row. I had someone on each side of me. On the right side it was a couple (older) who used binoculars to watch the show and on my left side it was a young gentlemen who never took his eyes of the stage. I though to myself "I am so uncomfortable, but I hope the show makes up for my discomfort" and it did! 

The stage was covered in mounds of sand (real sand!) which I'm pretty certain represents the beach. Hint Hint, that is why the play is called Indian Summer. When I think of summer, I think of beaches.

Daniel, a scrawny white kid is vacationing at his widowed-grandfather George's home on Rhode Island and he is counting down the days until his mother is supposed to get him. Apparently his mother dumped him there because she had others things to do. Her response to when she will return is "soon, soon, very soon". George, on the other hand, is odd yet intriguing. He treats the audience (us) as the ocean, speaking to it regarding his thoughts. I really appreciated that, because he was looking directly at us and it felt as though it was just me and him and no one else.

George is aware that Daniel's mom won't be back for awhile, but he makes the best of what he has and tries to satisfy Daniel. Daniel is not having it. He is beyond miserable and just goes to the beach to make sand castles to kill time. Soon, that miserable attitude shifts when he meets Izzy, the ultimate Long Island guidette with a strong accent. Very low shorts shorts and tank top, chewing gum with her mouth open, and last but not least she threatens anyone who looks at her wrong. That is what sums up Izzy, and that is what attracts Daniel a lot. Daniel's curiosity about Izzy has him thinking about her. At first Izzy almost beats him up over a bucket, until Daniel gives it up to her straight. Izzy was taken aback because no one ever talked to her like that. This sparks her interest in Daniel. 

People who dislike each other in the beginning often eventually becomes friends - that is what happened to me and my BFF. We did not like each other in the beginning due to an incident. But then later on we reconnected and realized we had a lot of things in common, especially our ways of thinking. George was happy that Daniel was no longer playing with sand castles, but he too was miserable since his wife passed away, he needed a Izzy. The connection between Daniel and Izzy grew by the day and they were soon spending everyday with each other, until Jeremy (Izzy's boyfriend) showed up. Izzy at no point mentioned a boyfriend. How can the fact that you have a boyfriend slip your mind. If it does, then you must be having such a great time with that person that you forget about them.

Jeremy became very jealous of Daniel because of all the time he was spending with Izzy and how Izzy had changed, in terms of personality. She was no longer a Rhode Island guidette, but just Izzy. In order to get his girl back, Jeremy proposed to Izzy and, to my surprise, she said yes. I mean she was only 17 and Jeremy was 26, but they both had the mindset of a teenager. When Daniel catches wind of the engagement he was upset. Izzy was expecting Daniel to convince her to break off the engagement and profess his love for her, but that was not the case. Daniel wanted Izzy to think for herself without anyone giving their two senses into the matter. And how did that go? Izzy decides to get married to Jeremy. I have a mind of my own and barely allow anyone to influence decisions I make, but I have come to realize that not many have that trait, most people need the opinions of others.

For Daniel this was an unforgettable summer and for Izzy it was a summer that questioned where her life choices may take her. George towards the end reminisced on the good and bad times he and his wife experienced before her death. Through this, he gave the meaning behind Indian Summer. The name Indian comes from the Native Americans who once occupied Long Island and summer is from the unforgettable summers that people (in this case, Izzy and Daniel) have when they visit Long Island. 

Want to see it?

:( Sorry, this show is no longer showing