POST: 'In Quietness' - give me those holy, righteous, pastoral coins (CHA-CHING)


What's it about?

In Quietness is a play about a pastor who battles adultery.

What'd I experience?

If you know me, like really know me, then you know that I love productions that are full of drama. So, of course, this play was perfect for me. This was one of the first times that I was extra early to a play. When I got to the theatre the ushers weren’t letting anybody take their seats (that’s how early I was). When they finally let everybody in, I sat down and looked at the set. It was clearly the inside of a church, an altar to be exact. There were a few steps and a stage that looked as if it was made for preaching and there was gospel music playing.

Okay, so I saw this image of the play and had my own expectations. In my head I wanted to see the pastor (Paul) try and cover up all the sins he was committing. I mean like REALLY cover up. I’m talking about Lifetime style. I wanted to see him try and kill everybody who knew or he even thought knew about him cheating on his wife. Or the play could’ve gone another way. If his wife found out about his infidelity she could’ve been the one to try and kill his mistress. Unfortunately, they didn’t take either one of my story-lines. 

Paul basically felt that his wife (Max) was unsupportive of his pastoral journey. She wouldn’t take the initiative to be his idea of a perfect pastor’s wife. Max would come home only on the weekends because of her career and Paul felt like there was a strong disconnect between them. So, one day he went to bible study and met a woman who later on became his mistress. I mean what a hot mess. The pastor is fooling around with a member of the congregation! Come on pastor, at least find someone outside of the church. Talk about being discrete.

Paul clearly needs to take a page out of this book.

A random weekend that Max came home, Paul told her that he was having an affair. The only reason he told her was because his mistress was in the hospital from a car accident. Max was like “Do you expect me to feel bad for you, you cheated on me and now you want my support?” Now, nobody got stabbed or got into a physical altercation but I knew someone had to end up in a life or death situation.

Paul and Max went through some trying times because neither of them wanted to leave each other. They fought for their marriage. Max ended up taking classes that helped her become a pastor’s wife. She didn’t want to change her life for her husband but she wanted to make an effort. It was actually real cute that she stepped away from her career to focus on strengthening her relationship with her husband. I’m pretty sure the modern day woman would probably just get a divorce and be content with a NICE settlement… give me those holy, righteous, pastoral coins (CHA-CHING)!

Max and Paul would frequently go to the hospital together to check on his mistress but she was always unresponsive because she was in a coma or paralyzed, I can’t remember. They continued to work on rebuilding their marriage and they got their union back on track.

This play must've been written in the 1800’s when there were no phones and social media. Or maybe it was written for people who aren’t technologically savvy with social media. Because in today’s world, you could find out if somebody’s cheating just by going through their cellphone. They need to hire me to beef-up this play. I’d have cellphones and side-eyes everywhere!


Want to see it?

$9 Tickets (thru OffOff@9)
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In Quietness
Dutch Kills Theater
@ Walkerspace
thru Jan. 30