POST: 'Idiot' - a messy sticky love triangle

What's it about?

When you realize that you love someone so much that it hurts, do you stay? When you’re addicted to a person, do you hold on or just let go?

What'd I experience?

Aglaya is in love with Prince Lev, he likes her too but is in love with Nastasya. Nastasya hates Aglaya, loves the Prince but likes Parfyon. Whenever I see a play with a messy sticky love triangle I am always super attentive. I just felt like it was one of those plays where if I blinked for too long I was going to miss an important moment.

Prince Lev was a guy that felt out of place with society. He would stare into the eyes of audience members and fidget from time to time. He just seemed nervous all the time. When Nastasya came in the room he would light up. You could see that she had a hold on him.

Nastasya was a woman who had such a dominating personality. She seemed so powerful and confident. She was just the kind of woman Prince Lev needed because in some cases opposites attract. Each time their eyes locked I could just feel the sensation that was running through their bodies.

All the passion between them went straight out the window whenever Aglaya or Parfyon entered the room. Aglaya was like a princess and loved how gentle and kind Prince Lev was. Parfyon was like a knight, so aggressive and bold, which was attractive to Nastasya. Although Nastaya and Prince Lev had an undeniable amount of chemistry they would not entertain each other.

It was hard for me to watch. I don’t like seeing people conform to things, especially when its apparent that they are uncomfortable. You could tell that Prince Lev and Nastasya wanted each other but the fact that they never really acted on their feelings was so annoying to me. Like follow your heart! You’ll feel better, be happy, and joyful.

At one point Aglaya asked the Prince if he intended to marry her and then asked how much money does he have. He didn’t have an answer. I wouldn’t have had one either. I mean what do you mean if I intend to marry you and how much money do I have? I feel like you’re pressuring me and I do not like being pressured so check your question at the door and get back to me when you can! Clearly the Prince wasn’t me. He responded and said “Yes.”

When Nastaysa found out that the Prince was going to marry Aglaya she met up with both of them and told Aglaya something to the effect of “If I want your man, I could take him.” Little did she know she was wrong. Prince Lev looked like he wanted to be with her but the fact that he already told Aglaya yes made him stay.

Nastaysa ended up marrying Parfyon and their relation was a hot mess. It consisted of domestic violence. Parfyon would beat Nastaysa every chance he got. At one point he was so upset that he killed her with a knife.

Parfyon called Prince Lev and the Prince couldn’t believe it. He laid by her bedside as soon as he got there and you could just tell how much he was wondering how different her life would be if he followed his heart and married her.

I guess following your heart is easier said than done. I’m sure it was Prince Lev’s pride that stopped him from marrying Nastasya. Sometimes we just have to put our pride and egos aside, follow our hearts and truly be happy.


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