POST: 'Hungry' - the family discussed this year's presidential election


What's it about?

A play that focuses on the life of a family coping with the death of a loved one, during an election year.

What'd I experience? 

Right off the bat when I saw the title of this play and I had a preconceived notion that it would have me thinking about where our country stands in the near future because of the election. My notion was right. I actually thought the play was called “Election Year” but when I looked at the playbill it said HUNGRY and in small fonts Part 1 of 3 The Gabriels: Election Year in the Life of One Family. At first I was looking around like Wait a minute am I in the right theater? What is this HUNGRY?

Then I looked at the stage and saw the set was a kitchen and that's when I made the connection, hungry and kitchen go hand in hand. The entire play took place in the kitchen and the characters literally cooked. Everything was working; the oven, the fire on the stove, the water from the sink, and I’m just sitting there asking myself How did they get all of these things to work on a stage? Did they seriously wire things within the floor for this play? Now that's amazing!

The Gabriel family got together to dispose of Thomas’ ashes. Thomas Gabriel was a novelist that died four months prior to this mini family reunion. His mom (Patricia), brother (George), sister (Joyce), sister-in-law (Hannah) and 2 ex-wives (Mary and Karin) were there. They all reminisced on how good of a person Thomas was.

As Mary, Karin, and Hannah were cooking I noticed that Hannah was preparing the salad. She washed it and put it into some kind of bowl that spun the salad. I didn’t know if it was a filter to purify the salad or something to get the excess water off of the salad. Either way I wanted it. I was literally amazed by it like WHAT IS IT?

She just kept pressing down on the top of the bowl and the salad would turn so fast, I knew I had to have it.

Here's a video of it...

While they were still cooking the family discussed this year’s presidential election and that’s when things got serious. They talked about how lovely it would be if Hillary were to become president. They wanted to live in a lifetime where they would witness a female president. I thought about it and, yeah, I would love to see that happen too.

To be quite honest I’m kind of still siding with Bernie Sanders because he said something about lowering student loans and that’s my kind of language.

I mean I love Hillary and Bill I actually feel like I know them in some weird way (don’t ask me how). They just seem so likable like they could be my neighbors. But all that goes out the window until Hillary says something about lowering loans too or something that would interest me. After all, it is always about me.

After everyone touched on their views Hannah said Don’t you feel like something really bad is going to happen? I got up and screamed YUP! DONALD TRUMP!

I’m just kidding I didn’t scream….

…Imagine if I did though.

I felt like she was insinuating that the “bad future” would be Donald Trump since he is such a messy candidate. He doesn’t even talk about political issues. He just shades the other candidates and kicks people out of his campaigns.

I liked that this play got me thinking about the state our country is in. It makes me want to get involved and be active as a citizen. Truthfully, it got me to question how much I know about this election. I know now, for sure, that I’m voting!


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