POST: 'How to Keep An Alien' - their story is real as f*ck

What's it about?

A true love story.

What'd I experience?

You know how people always say “me, though?” 
Yeah, How To Keep An Alien was exactly that. Not just me, but pretty much anyone who has ever liked another human (in that gross mushy way). I have no clue if anyone will remember Lizzie Mcguire’s cartoon girl?

Anyone? Ok, I’ll pretend someone still remembers. #BringBackTheOldDisney
Not only is cartoon Lizzie the best way to describe what a character Sonya Kelly was, but also the fact that Sonya’s love life could be the funniest gif on this planet. 

Sonya is a - what I like to refer to as a ‘gift to the world’ - something like Ellen (but on steroids.) She recklessly falls for an alien within the span of 14 days. Now, when I read alien in the title I too thought she was a crazy woman who falls for an extraterrestrial creature and then it’s was gonna be all about unrequited love. It kind of was, just take out the extraterrestrial and insert an Australian women named Kate - who is technically an alien to the country of Ireland and since her visa is up, she needs to piece out.

I don’t wanna spoil anything because this show is awesome... a true love story in every sense. Sonya and Kate’s love struggles from the start to overcome all the sh*t the world throws at them - the best part is Sonya does it all with a sense of humor. There are so many (so many) random things... I’m gonna list a few to somehow encapsulate this show:

  • “Pineapple leg warmers” are a thing. 
  • ”Sunshine is only a rumor in Ireland.”
  • There is a stand-up that happens in the middle of the show.
  • There are also a lot of spontaneously breaking into old 80’s love songs.
  • You witness Sonya suffer from ‘responsibility asthma’ (Thank you for summing up adulthood).
  • She calls her girlfriend an algorithm - because they can only speak over Skype at one point.
  • As someone with family in Australia this is golden: “The mid-day breeze of Australian air torched my face.” (Thanks for summing up an Australian summer).

The best part is Sonya is real, Kate is real, and their story is real as fu*k.

Want to see it?

$25 tickets (thru TDF Membership)

How to Keep an Alien
Irish Arts Center
thru Oct. 1