POST: 'Holiday Inn' - I know there is the whole opposites attract thing, but come on

What is is it about? 

This play follows a man name Jim who decides to leave his life as a performer in the city in order to start a new life in the country. 

What I'd experience? 

OMG CORBIN BLEU IS IN THIS PLAY! *cue the fan girl screams* 

I sat there looking through my Playbill and there he was... my boyfriend from High School Musical. I stared at the cast list thinking they made an error until the play started and he came out on stage and started tap dancing. How could I be so darn lucky? He looked even better on stage. For like the first scene, he was the only one I cared about. I mean, who cares about the other characters when I have Ted. Right? 

After Bae, aka Ted, came off the stage I was able to focus on Jim and his fiance (which I just knew was a couple that wouldn't work). I know there is the whole opposites attract thing but come on, she is snobby and money hungry while he was a man trying to live a chill life. Then Jim had to go and propose and I was thinking "It's a trap, don't do it Jim!" But he freakin' did it and then he proposed moving to the country. Do you know that moment when you know someone is not who they say they are and you just sit there waiting for their true colors to come out? ... That was me during the whole scene! I just did not like her from the beginning.

So after the proposal, their agent comes along and tells Ted that he has got a bigger gig for them to do their performance and it might even take them to Hollywood. Jim, of course, can't go because he is staring a new life in the country but his fiance "can't pass up the offer" and goes... WITH TED!? I was sitting there wondering why Jim would do such a thing and I was looking at Ted and then I started to hate him. NO matter how hot he is, he became a bad person for leaving poor Jim to start his new life alone. Like they just got engaged and he is your best friend, couldn't you just find some other dancer or do some one act solo dance show.  Honestly, I didn't think Jim would still move without his fiance, but he did. I sure wouldn't because I had stopped trusting Ted.  

Originally, I thought Holiday Inn was going to be about the holidays, given the title. But it had nothing to do with the holidays. It was a story of risk and not giving up on a life that you aren't used to. I am the type of person that gets used to routines, when these routines are changed, I am thrown off. Jim was struggling after he moved onto the farm. He was lonely aside from the handyman lady (don't ask) and he had broken house. If I was Jim, I would have moved out and caught up with Ted for that show. But Jim continued and his struggles became a movie and a whole business. Ok.

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